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Thanks for playing!

  1. The lights are indeed a bit too bright in the WebGL version of the game.
  2. All levels have been verified and are possible!
  3. We didn’t have time to get music done :/

Thanks! The buzz sound was a desperate attempt at some background ambiance… No one really seemed to like it. Stay tuned for the next update!

We were planning to add soldering as spikes but ran out of times and went for adding levels instead.

This is on purpose! When plugged in, you can only move backwards.

Thank you!




Thanks for the feedback! We’re reworking the buzzing sound and have added an option to remove it entirely. We’ll update once the voting period is over.

Thank you!

Thanks for the comment!


Thanks! Yeah, we kinda ran out of time due to lots of bugs so we couldn’t get out as many levels as we would have liked. we’re definitely in to add more though!

Thanks for the comment! We’re reworking the buzz and are going to add more levels once voting is over.

Thanks! Yeah, we’re gonna fix the brightness once voting is over. It was due to WebGL not supporting the color space we were using. We’ll definitely add more levels in the future!

Very cool game! Not sure what the purpose of the battery is since it doesn’t recharge or regen you other then let you win a level. I think you should just be confined the the area around the battery instead of allowing us to unplug.

Also what were the chances we’d name our game the same?

The webGL lights were very bright for unknown reasons. The background buzz was on purpose but it waiting for voting period to end to get removed. Thank you for the feedback!

This is a bug I didn’t have time to fix. I only realized after testing the build that it had failed. Unity prefabs were being annoying in this project.

If you’re talking about the background buzzing sound, that was on purpose. I did not expect it to create so much controversy. I didn’t have time to make a full-on tutorial instead. But thanks for the feedback, it’ll be taken into account.

That seems to have happened to other people as well. What I would suggest is making the page public and explaining on the page that you couldn't get your files uploaded. That would fix up a lot of confusions. Your game looks really fun though and I'll def play it when the voting time ends.

It was on purpose because we couldn't get music on time. So instead of getting complete silence I decided to add the buzz. I couldn't get the game playtested before release but would've removed it if I knew it was gonna be that annoying.

Thanks for letting us know. We'll definitely fix that.

I noticed that as well on the WebGL version. The Windows / Linux version do not have that issue, however.

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Oh no! I wanted to try to rate your game but it looks like the page for it is giving me a 404 errors :( 

from the preview gifs on the left it looked very fun to play and well polished. The abstract part of it gives it a very nice touch. 

could it be you forgot to make the game public? You can always edit that part on the game's page.

Thank you for the feedback! You are the second person that said the light threw you off. What exactly about it threw you off, however?

If you hear a clicking sound when they went in then you've been doing everything right. I'm pretty sure this is an error on our part.

Thank you for the feedback! What exactly about the lighting threw you off?

Thank you for the feedback! What exactly about the graphics threw you off?

Sorry you couldn't make it past the first level. It's possible you had a really high FPS and either the blue plug or the red plug glitched themselves out of it before the game could notice you plugged something in. (Unity was being annoying with collision matrix and I forgot to set layers, it was too late when I realized...

As of the buzzing, I thought it'd be an interesting idea to have some background noise while playing other than complete silence. We couldn't get music so I just buzzed it. Don't worry though,  as soon as the voting time ends we'll release a fix and a couple new featues.


Thanks! Yeah we’ll probably remove the buzzing sound if we do a full release.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll definitely keep that in mind if we do a full release!

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll probably replace it with music if we do a full release.

Thanks! We’ll be sure to fix that in the full release and add music, levels and a few tweaks!

This is our first jam so sorry for any bugs.