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Andrew J. Young (he/him)

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Oh wow! Thanks so much!

It's got less than 30 pages, but it is much lighter than that. The text is large, and each page is laid out with just a single step of the game. It's the first game I've done with this kind of spread, so I didn't think about the fact that it would look like a bigger game than it is.

Thanks! It was my submission to the 200-word RPG challenge a few years back.

Yeah, it's not very accessible for beginners. (It was written for a role-playing challenge contest with a hard word limit.)

But not all games have to be beginner friendly. By leaning on players' established genre knowledge, this game is able to communicate concepts in much fewer words than if it had to explain everything from scratch.

So, yes, I wouldn't recommend this game for folks who are new to role-playing games.

Still not showing anything to download or purchase for me.

I just saw this community post! Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you all had such a good time!

Wonderfully creative and numerically ominous!

I'm not the jam creator, but I don't think it's a competition, so we don't need to worry about any game "crushing" any other game. As far as giving time after the deadline ends to submit, I think you'll find a lot of tabletop game jams use this rule. Again, since this isn't a competition, the idea isn't to "weed out" entries but to encourage folks to finish a game and share it with the community.

No worries! You're welcome. :)

It's a tabletop game, not a video game, so it is just a PDF of the rules.

Thanks, Punk Wrangler!

The game is intended to be GMless, but I'm realizing now that although the rules allow for that, I never stated it explicitly. I'll see if I can run an update to make that clearer.

As for your other questions, they're ones I had considered myself, but I just didn't have the space to resolve them in the text. As you say, that's the nature of microRPGs. Here are some answers:

  • In each dream, at least one player should face an indulgence. In a two-player game, have each player choose two indulgences and don't include any indulgences in the 3rd dream.
  • The effects of 1 injury or 2 injuries are purely narrative, but if a Lotus-Eater sustains 3 injuries, they die.
  • In dreams of the two gods (not Zeus), if you draw a 3rd card, instead draw 2 cards. Discard the higher of these 2 cards and use the lower card as your 3rd card, as normal.

When I get the change to update Lotuspunk, I may use these answers or I may make other decisions or revisions.

Thanks again for your feedback!

– Andrew

Quick question: Is the second "IS TRYING TO..." supposed to be "IN ORDER TO..."? Is it the motivation for the plan that the threat is trying to implement?