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Holy shit I didn't think anybody would actually do that

I suppose that's up to the player to decide!

The Guide PDF is right next to where you download the game on Itch.

There will be a third! (Hopefully before the end of 2023)

Try Joiplay

This is very cool! Does it work with Galv's Message Busts?

Is it possible to play videos in front of a picture? Like having an animation of a character running across a background picture of a beach?

If it makes you feel better, Amber’s secret ending is pretty underwhelming compared to her normal one (it involves skipping her sex scene)

There's a walkthrough png in the main directory

I'd like to make it eventually, but I want the overall quality to be higher, as well as being at least partially animated, so it'll probably be a while.

It's a secret 😏

JoiPlay is good, but unfortunately RPG Maker MZ doesn't allow for easily resizable text. The only way I can make the text bigger is if I completely rewrite and reformat all of the text in the game 😞

I do apologize, but I would much rather just keep this issue in mind for my next game and make the text bigger then.

I've added a guide PDF to the downloads as well!

He's become a much stingier person since we last met him 😔

Finished a guide PDF and added it to the downloads. Every source of money in the game is in there.

I've added a guide PDF to the downloads.

Added a guide PDF to the downloads.

A happy ending for her would involve NOT being in a third game.

Thank you!!! 😊

I'm working on a guide right now


I made the text smaller just so I would have more flexibility in writing and formatting dialogue. TBH I didn't realize how bad the readability was in places until publishing the game.

Next game I'll absolutely format the text differently. Sorry that it's hard to read in some scenes!

It's part of an event, go to the nightclub bar and look for the boyfriend of the gyaru bimbo. Then the room clerk should return.

Yes it is!

I haven't quite given up yet on porting this and the first, but I also don't know if I can make any promises, sorry ;_;

I am considering doing a sort of 'Director's Cut' of BreedTown 1

I don't personally have the means to make an Android or Mac version, sorry D:

It seems it's been taken down. Thanks for making me aware and reporting it!

There's a png included with the download, it's located in the directory.

I'm hoping to have a sequel out before the end of 2022.

The game is meant to be pretty small, though I might do sequels or similar things. Future games could be a bit larger.

Check the walkthrough PNG included, there's enough money in the game to do everything.

This is probably gonna be the only version, sorry :(

It's finished!