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This is easily one of the best games for emulating the sheer joy and beauty of superhero media.

If you like the best of superhero comics, you need to pick this up

Apologies for the late reply. 

The number determined decides that issue number, as the series comes to an end when it reaches Issue 32.

It reads like a low and sadly-chill Cavetown song which is something I've always sought for in a game!

5-Stars! Highly recommended buy!

Hello. Apoligies for the late reply.

I'm actually hoping to write an expansion for emulating the more fantastical and high-stakes elements of card game anime at a later point.

Of course!

Oh my God, thank you so much! This means a lot. Thank you!

Hi! I'm actually very grateful you brought this up. I accidentally uploaded an in-progress version of the rules as oppossed to the finish doc for the game.

The completed version contains "Starting Deck" options which shows how much tokens you start with depending on choice.

I'm so sorry for the mistake and thanks so much for letting me know.

A amazing game of queer love in the face of fascism and just shows well a skilled designer can do so much with 200 words.

A really great game that does a phenomenal job at blending short story and rule descriptions together into a super cool and intriguing experience.

I'm continually amazed and in awe reading this book. I had read BoB games before but none captured such a grasp of the genre like this. It's an amazing game in every way a game can be, emulating counseullor playbooks both in the realistic versions of them and how they would apply to a fantasy world.

I cannot wait to play this awesome game!

A really sweet and evocative game that captures the heart of the creativity of the indie scene. The "Fellow Pizza Hero" card brought such a smile to my face.

An amazing game that I find of all the games I've read can do the best at settiing up dramatic fights you would see in your favorite battle anime so well! Can't wait to try out this awesome gay game.

An amazing game that focuses on easily one of the best parts of Demon Slayer and makes it even better!

Cannot wait to try it out.

Oh thank you so much! That honestly is what I aimed for so I really appreciate it. Thank you

Thanks so much!

Thank you! I'd love to hear how it goes

Thank you so so much! This was a joy to wake up to!

I would like to submit three of my TTRPG games:

Thank you so much! I was nervous about my first project, and you're comment made me feel so good