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The Last Hex

A deck-building RPG with roguelike elements. The dead arise and only you can stand against them. Travel the lands to slay monsters, acquire new cards, survive dangerous encounters and claim powerful equipment to enhance your deck. A final showdown with The Lost awaits you at...The Last Hex! Page


  • 11 total classes with individual decks, starting equipment and powers
  • ~350 playable cards that change with your stats
  • 7 equipment slots to fill that can change the course of your run
  • ~70 events that could help or hinder you
  • 56 monsters with all different decks and unique characteristics 
  • Procedural hex map showing all events and towns
  • Unlockable progression as you play. Including classes, cards, equipment, events and monsters.

XD On the "Core" tab. It was suppose to be an exploration thing to find on your own. Maybe it was a little to subtle :( since it wasnt mentioned in the tutorial.

That is awesome!  Did you get through the text adventure?