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I mean atleast it was not 351H like it first said. Wew lads. Also this game needs discord If you want I can set one up, DM you the invite, and transfer the owner to you.

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  • I like the idea of making map specific rules
  • A last man standing mode is what im talking about. 
  • For one of the maps I wanna make I want the concept to be a sort of battle royale type map where a set of 50 or 100 players start in random locations trying to hunt eachother down
  • My main gripe with the jump speed/height is that I think its set way too high. I honestly think that if we are able to control things like spawn delay we should be able to mess with these settings
  • Yes

I've added some other additions to my original post. The ideas came to me while I was making a map. 

Thanks for your time

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I request a property system for items, and some more game rules. If these are put it in should make it easier to make the map I wanna be able to make
//game rules

-cant respawn: make it so you cant respawn after death

-max bots: change how many bots are allowed in a match (SinglePlayer matches only) I know its pretty easy to add in I was able to mod it in once.

-gravity: I always ask for this because I feel it would greatly benifit more realsitc type maps where I dont want the player to easily jump up and get outside the map or force me to make huge towers to prevent people from getting somewhere they shouldn't be.


-cant respawn: make it so items cant be regenerated after being taken

-cant collide: players can go through it


People should be free to make games for whatever platform/addon they want.

It would be nice if you could add the option to set the gravity/jump height of the players on any map you make, and use basic trigger blocks. Im trying to make a map where the blue side has to reach the end while the red side tries to stop them, and it would help if they didnt jump everywhere. it would also be ideal that the red spawns get closer to the blues' position (why trigger blocks are needed). I am able to do the map without these additions, but it would help!

It seems like you added colors, and even a CTF gamemode.
feeling hyped to start making maps for it again.

0/10 cant date my broom.

Tell me...

  • how you feel about the game, and what can be made to improve it.
  • any ideas/suggestions you have.
  • about the bugs you find

Thank you in advance.

This is a good game, However I have a few suggjestions.

1. Game/Editor Modifiers: Basicly settings that can change the level's gravity, player health, weapon dammage etc.

2. Colors: There should be an option to change the colors of blocks, or at the very least an option to change to from white, red, or blue.

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This game is pretty good, However I have a Complaint/Sugjestion.

Custom Battle Loading: When you save or load for the Custom Battles you have to start from My Computer, and locate the save. I would like for the loader to start in the directory where you last left off. This isnt too big of a deal however.

Redownload it, or if you are using the itch client you can just download the game from there (if you haven't already) and whenever there is an update, it will be automatically updated.

And while were at it, can we have a level editor?

Is the gonna be a level editor?

Good game! nice work!

try alt+enter