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0/10 cant date my broom.

Created a new topic FeedBack

Tell me...

  • how you feel about the game, and what can be made to improve it.
  • any ideas/suggestions you have.
  • about the bugs you find

Thank you in advance.

This is a good game, However I have a few suggjestions.

1. Game/Editor Modifiers: Basicly settings that can change the level's gravity, player health, weapon dammage etc.

2. Colors: There should be an option to change the colors of blocks, or at the very least an option to change to from white, red, or blue.

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This game is pretty good, However I have a Complaint/Sugjestion.

Custom Battle Loading: When you save or load for the Custom Battles you have to start from My Computer, and locate the save. I would like for the loader to start in the directory where you last left off. This isnt too big of a deal however.

Redownload it, or if you are using the itch client you can just download the game from there (if you haven't already) and whenever there is an update, it will be automatically updated.

And while were at it, can we have a level editor?

Is the gonna be a level editor?

Good game! nice work!

try alt+enter