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Hope you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I dislike text-heavy tutorials as well. Wanted to add an in-game tutorial but ran out of time due to the jam. Glad you enjoyed the game though!

Don't worry about it! I love when people make videos of my games.

Thanks for the feedback!

Don't be afraid to ask, most people would feel the same. I really need the money for some stuff right now as well.

Cool stuff! Apologies the game broke on you, I have no idea what could've happened. That was a small boss for extra loot but you were close to the ending anyway, so sorry about that!

Thanks for playing! Liked and subscribed ;)

Cute game! It was fun and engaging. The icons with the requests of the slimes could have been clearer (Since sometimes they were so blurry I could hardly tell what it was) but it didn't ruin it. Cleared all the levels!

Just played it, I liked it a lot! The character movement was a bit crusty and hard to control but I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Hey, thanks! I sincerely enjoyed the video, subscribed

Really fun. Loved it!

Thanks for playing! I was really unsure if it needed more signals since at the time it looked a bit like backseat, but now I know better

How do I start the game?

Game Maker:Studio

I specially appreciate gameplay videos since it allows me to see some improvements I could make to my game in a way a text reply just couldn't. Thanks for playing my game!

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I did receive some complaints about the controls so if I ever release an update I see what I can do about that. Again, thanks for playing my game!

I am sorry... I don't own a Mac to do so.

Hey, thanks for playing it! I did test the game thoroughly to make sure there were no impossible combinations of buildings, but it is my fault for not making them look possible in the first place. Thanks for your feedback!