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This is a really cool visual novel made in RPG Maker. I like the story and character designs, and the music is great. I'm looking forward to Charlie Boyfriend's next project.

I'm really glad that you're still working on this game. I'm sure it has been hard to do so whilst also juggling your other responsibilities. I hope you're doing well, and I'm looking forward to the new demo.

While this game is  quite creepy, it's  also weirdly cozy. I like it.

This is a really fun and challenging horror game. I like the blocky and vibrant graphics, and I like that, even though you know the monster doesn't make any sound when it's close by, the audio tricks you into thinking that it does. I also REALLY like that the monster doesn't jumpscare you when it catches you. I hate jumpscares.

This is a cute little visual novel. I really enjoyed playing it.

I know I'm REALLY late to playing this, but I only had the time to play it now, so I did. It was cute and cozy, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Happy Belated Halloween, Kathinka, and I wish you Happy Holidays.

It's really sweet that you made your girlfriend a game for Christmas. I hope that she enjoyed it, and I hope that you both had a good Christmas.

Thanks for replying, Kathinka! Also, I really like your new profile picture. It's really cute.

This game is so scary! I'm probably going to have nightmares about it for weeks!

Believe me, I will.

This is fantastic news! I absolutely love "Life Eternal", so I'm definitely going to replay it once it's available on Steam.

This is a really important game. I hope more people play it.

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I really enjoyed this prequel. I loved "Trick & Treat" when I played it, so this was quite the treat (no pun intended).

Also, while there are still achievements and a bad end I need to get, I've managed to get some of the achievements and the bad ends 1-5, so I thought I'd share how I got them here, seeing as how it's relatively simple to get the normal and true endings, as well as the achievements tied to them:

Bad Ends:

Bad End 1: Run into the candelabrum at the bottom of the kitchen approximately 5 times. 

Bad End 2: Repeatedly taste the mixture in the cauldron. Taste it 2 times before stirring the cauldron or 3 times after stirring it.

Bad End 3: Eat  from the bread in the top left of the kitchen or from the bowl of sweets on the dining table.

Bad End 4:  Stir the cauldron approximately 4 times.

Bad End 5: Talk to all of the pumpkins in the pantry and garden, and then, sit down next to one of them.

Bad End 6:  Right at the beginning of the game, repeatedly run into the door to the south until Charlotte comes home.

Missable Achievements:

Potion Master: Stir the cauldron perfectly the first time.

Potato Master: Peel the potatoes perfectly the first time.

Break Mugs: Break both the glass mugs.

Pumpkin Friends: Talk to all of the pumpkins in the pantry and garden.

Potato Harvest: Harvest all the potatoes in the garden.

Pumpkin Outfit: Put on the pumpkin outfit in the pantry.

Pink Outfit: Put on the pink outfit in the bedroom.

Please add on what I've missed to this list, and thank you for reading!

It's a great way to keep players engaged when your game is text-heavy. I wish more games used it.

This was really good! I liked the eerie atmosphere and imagery, and I liked how the game required you to use the in-game text to progress. That's a really neat mechanic!

You really weren't kidding about the apple bottom jeans, huh?

This is really cute and heartwarming. I love it <3

This was fun! I really liked how this game changed things up from "Good Job!" whilst also keeping its minimalism, and I liked learning more about Olivia's past.

I really liked this visual novel. I enjoyed "You and Me" a lot when I first played it, so I liked being able to experience a moment from the goddess Atia's past. Also, I LOVED her design. She was GORGEOUS!

No, I did. I was just wondering if you had figured it out, because it took me a while to do so.

I'm really sorry for what you went through, and even though we don't know each other, just know that I'm very proud of you. You're a much stronger person than you know. I'm also really happy that you like making video games as much as you do. I enjoy playing your games a lot, and I'm looking forward to your future ones as well.

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I really like this game. It's genuinely tense and pretty scary, especially when the corpse actually appears, and I like how creative the dream sequences are. Also, funnily enough, the way in which you fall asleep in the game is similar to what I do in real life when I can't sleep. My vision is dotted with little grey shapes when I close my eyes, so I often watch them to go to sleep.

This is such a unique and surreal experience, and I absolutely love it!

I really wanted to give this a good rating, but I noticed there was no option to do so. I don't know why I can't rate this game, but regardless, this is an amazing love letter to old RPG Maker games and I'd definitely recommend it if you enjoyed games like "Mad Father", "Ib", "Alicemare" and "Aria's Story".

I FINALLY got around to playing this game, and it was so good! It reminded me a lot of "Our Place", "Lyssophobia" and "Look at me", and I really enjoyed those games too. I loved the look and feel of the game, and I loved how the atmosphere managed to be tense, creepy and lonely at the same time. 

This is so sweet! I love it <3

Thank you so much!

This was awesome! I absolutely loved this game!

This was absolutely incredible! I loved it!

I did it! I got all of the endings, and they were awesome!

I'm really enjoying this so far. I love how cute and vibrant all of the characters are, and I love the soundtrack. Also, I recognised the music from the title screen as being the same music from the title screen as "Sofia?" by Hatoge, so that's pretty cool! Anyway, I'm still busy getting the other endings, and I already have a feeling that things are not what they seem...

This was awesome! It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time!

I really liked this. It reminded me a lot of "Sealess Mother", "That Spongy Thing On Your Tongue" and "Lyssophobia", and I really enjoyed those experiences as well. 

This was so sweet! I loved how the story explored Sol's gender identity more, and I really liked Bill! I also really loved the artwork, especially the characters' designs. I'm definitely going to get the artbook when I can.

This game was incredible!!!

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Thank you so much for this!

Also, the ending with the chicken was fricking awesome!

This is really cute! I love it!

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I really liked this game. I liked the message of how two people can find their way back to each other, even if it might seem as though their paths will never cross again, and I liked how you had to work out the rules of different number sequences, so that you could find the next numbers in the sequences and move forward. 

Have you figured it out yet?