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T.H. Krstl

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Lovin' it! <3 It's especially cool how getting tired actually affects your vision, could the player character even be made unable to carry stuff for long or miss from time to time when tired?
The controls are easy enough to get, but I couldn't figure out if I could rotate objects other than by tossing them around or slamming them against something else. Player character movement is a bit sluggish. It would be nice to be able to pick out the design from a menu of sorts, like a selection wheel or something along those lines, instead of banging through the cycle only to click once too many by mistake, and having to repeat.
Sometimes customers don't seem to understand I've made what they asked for, like, they activate when I pick up the finished product and try walking toward me through the counter, but for some reason the speech bubble stays in place and I never get my goddamn money. :D I've had to restart a few times when a few such customers put me out of business, unable to order more materials. Customers also leave when it's night time, despite placing an order. It would be cool if those customers left on a note to return the next day or something so the player doesn't end up wasting materials.
Keeping inventory feels almost unnecessarily difficult, especially with the great blades and polearm handles. I think if you want to keep with the purely physics-based item handling, more attention needs to be paid to environment design. Maybe add some racks and play around with the shop layout for a bit?