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Thank you for your comment. I will play yours as soon as I can.

sound effects are brilliant. May I use the story scene in my projects later?

Tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Hi. I have just played and rated your game. Thats how an open source game jam submission should be. It is so lightweight, just 11kB, amazing job... 

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fixed the bugs you have mentioned. Would you like to play again?

I played the Android version. Pretty good. Deserves to be in play store.

What the hell did I play? It is so scary to play when you wear earphones. I wish I had the same skill level at your 2d art.

I have just played. Graphics are perfect(thats why I hate Unreal Developers:P).  

Thank you for playing. Cartoony efects are from unity asset store, it is free.

I am stuck at level 11. It was fun to play. 

Yesterday I wasnt able to play since my xbox controller was not connected. Your game is totally awesome. Would be better if there was keyboard controller option.  I'd appreciate it if you play my game.

I was waiting for your submission to check your source code. Thanks god it is an unity3d project. Your game is one of my favourite so far.

Yes, You are right. Thank you for playing. It is easy to fix that bug. Just place a box collider inside the water and make it non-walkable. The ChickenMan game is a submission to GitHubGameOff 2018 game jam. Since it is an open source project, please consider this game as a third person shooter template. Not a complete game. Thank you again.

thank you for playing. I will try to fix the bugs whenever I have enough time.