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The First Attempt

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I always extract small game files like this to a folder on my desktop.

This looks like it's really cool, and I would love to play it, but even after extracting and running the main.exe file from the data folder, it still will not run. It says I don't have access to the directory. Looks cool though!

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to implement any fail safes or even fail states in this version. I will be releasing a Post-Jam version with all of the features implemented and ease of use features added as well, though.

This is a project that started as a Ludum Dare attempt that never made it to the compo, but I've slowly been adding to it over the past year. Now, I've officially begun work in a slightly more serious manner on it, and as of now, have just uploaded my first update! This means I have dedicated myself to making this happen, and I would love to hear what you guys think of my work so far.