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Teyri Dawnrunner

A member registered 255 days ago

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Replied to Platoonsgt1 in Bug Reports

Thanks for the helpful information!

Posted in Bug Reports


First off: I really love this game. Super buggy at times, but that's to be expected of a game in Alpha. Other than the bugs I've noticed over 5 and a half hours of gameplay, the game is actually quite fun and, somewhat surprisingly, addicting. I'm running the game in version 0.0.72, and I've no idea what my machine's specs are other than 64-bit Windows 10 and an Intel core i5.

So here we go, from most common (times it's happened) to least:

One: Most common bug(at least for me) is that some items will rip other items apart, and I have no idea how to remedy this. I have had blades, hammerheads, and guards stolen from one item by another item, which results in, say, a polearm with a greatsword blade and a two-hand guard that can't be combined with other items, even the original blade once I've taken my new polearm to the anvil.

Two: Some weapons really love to get stuck inside the blueprint table, most noteably greatswords and one-handed swords, as well as polearms on occasion.

Three: The NPC's really love to jog in circles. Usually one NPC per day will start running around in my front yard once they've received their item and will restrict the spawning of other NPC's. A workaround to this problem is clicking the close shop sign and then re-opening it. Also, NPCs will flat-out refuse to take weapons I've just made. I have to chase them down and, about 50 meters outside my house, and after standing inside them for a minute, only then will they accept the weapon.

Four: Eight times now, I've had an NPC buy a weapon from me for about $20 when it's been made with materials vastly superior to the price they bought it for. I lost my first Iron Dagger to an NPC who bought it as "Dagger" (no material specified) for $22, if I remember right. The first Titanium Polearm I made, a really special thing that I put a lot of materials into (Titanium Greatsword Blade, 2nd appearance + Two-Handed Guard + Polearm Handle) was just sold to a person named Vbasus for a whopping $38, rather than the roughly $342914 I should've received, if my math is correct for level 16 Charisma. Needless to say I'm back to using Adelite for a little while until I can raise my money back.

Five: It's been nearly impossible to break a weapon apart on the anvil ever since I installed the game, but with perseverance and a lot of hammering it's OK. One minute worth of hammering to break one thing is one, maybe two customers missed, so not a huge deal.

Six: I sometimes go flying when breaking a box of polearm handles open. I've taken to standing as far away from the box as I can.

Other than these grievances I have with the game's current state, it's really smooth. I can run it at relatively high settings (most options are set to high, some to medium, none to epic though) without stuttering. The game itself is pretty fun. I'm looking forward to the April update!