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Awesome work! It looks juicy!

Challenges we ran into: It was quite a challenge to make a game engine bend to the rules for a non game project.

May I (unsolicitedly) suggest Godot engine if you want to make a similar non-game tool in a game engine in future? I find it works brilliantly for that purpose and the UI system is a lot simpler when it comes to desktop/mobile applications rather than games.

Great work! Thanks!!

Lookup wine-tkg or wine-ge-custom on github, there are scripts (and for some distros, prebuilt packages) that apply the proton patches to wine, that you can install systemwide to run anything.

I think you can also make Steam run non-steam games added to the library with Proton, but I haven’t tried that.

I love this! Would you consider making a vertical version too (pointing down/up)? Long shot as I’m sure you’re busy with other things :)

Hi there, I’ve just been trying out the Linux demo - works perfectly, smoothly and most of all it makes efficient use of space which is what bugs me about other organisation tools (which often seem to have a UX based around an email client). Suits my creative brain more :)

Something I like in the IDEs I use is the “minimap / outline” sidebar, which gives you a zoomed-out visual overview of the of the code which you can click on to move to the clicked point. E.g., see:

The point of this, if not familiar, is not to be a legible thing that you can read, but more to give you a recognisable map of the “shape” of the code. I think this would be a really nice addition to MasterPlan, as the layout of the plans are quite personal, and even a small minimap would give you the ability to quickly recognise distinct parts of your plan which you could click on to immediately pan to them.

Awesome! Thanks!