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Thanks! You can drop me an email on

It's a bug and it's here since I started working on it.
I tried to stream my progress and got so stressed I completely forgotten about it.

And after I stopped streaming so I could concentrate properly I couldn't even tell a difference between switched and unswitched axis.
I couldn't tell which one is correct.

Prophunt Revolution is *coming soonish* game where one team must hide, morphing into props, while the second one must find and neutralize them.

In comparision to another Prophunt experiences we've put great amount of work in making physics play a crucial role in gameplay. You can morph into desk, let your friends morph into cups, screens, keyboards, jump on you and act like a place of scenery.
Twitter with "devlog" up to this point:

Woah, this looks great.

Ark Initiative community · Created a new topic Roadmap
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Everything here is a subject to change according to feedback.

Phase 1

0.3 - Reproduction update

  • Fixed pathfinding ( done )
  • More animal interaction
  • Reproduction and baby animals
  • More animal behaviours
    • Mating
    • Gathering food from map
    • Feeding young
    • Traveling in packs
    • Running away from predators
    • Group fights
  • Small content update
    • New props for biomes ( done )
  • Screenshot button ( done )
  • Cleaner animal info

0.4 - Planet update

  • Optimization fixes
  • Bigger planets
  • Terraforming
  • Moons
  • Weather changes

0.5 - Guests update

  • Park ratings
  • Visitors will orbit planets instead of flying next to them
  • Log for messages from guests ( what they like and what not )

0.6 - Builder update

  • More features for guests
  • Toilets, restaurants, staff etc.

0.7 - Galaxy update

  • Seamless multiplayer features
  • Huge galaxy map with your planets and friends planets
  • Last update of phase 1 of development

Phase 2

  • More content
  • Multiple planets
  • Animal modification
  • More multiplayer features


Ark Initiative community · Created a new topic Changelog
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  • Planet is now spinning a lot slower! Still looks pretty cool.


  • Planet is now spinning! Looks pretty cool.


  • Fullscreen button - Press it and the game will magically extend to your screens resolution!
  • Zooming - Use mouse wheel to zoom your planet up and down! See your happy boars really close, or just see whole planet in it's glory.
  • No more money for empty planet
  • interface is no longer saved so save files are smaller
  • Old planet is now completely removed when generating new one. No more animals stuck in the terrain or lost spaceships ( you can of course load it back if you saved it )
  • Camera clamp - you can no longer "go into space" as much as before. Camera position is clamped to a square 2048 x 2048 with your planet in the middle. So you can move your planet out of sight, but you can't get lost anymore.

Have fun!
Oh, and please report any bugs you find.