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strange concept for a platformer, interesting characters which sell strange things. The boss levels are a bit hard, character controls are little slippery, very easy to slip of the edge and kill yourself. 

Nice game.  The destruction feeling could be higher.  Also there may be a result screen which shows our progress. It would be awesome if the evil lady makes a comment upon our progress. 

Ok, another psychedelic game from Talha. Sayko mayko, it somehow makes you play it to the end. Congrats bro. Keep releasing games!

This is uber cool. I made 89.  when is the next promotion? :)

Segaaaa game. Respect

This is rad! ... I will make something out of this. 

Great music, great 3d models, fun game :) 

Thanks for the video ;)

Nice suggestions man. Honestly I had to go on and work on my next game. There are some unfinished ones, I should focus to finish them first ;)

Thats the end :(

Thank you. I'm very glad you liked it ;)

A puzzle platformer and some other weirdness.

pico-8 respect ;)

A game like Canon Fodder with different mechanics, very finished game for 4hr jam. Well done!

ps: This game is a nice example for Cactus's fast prototyping presentation ;)

Nice prototype of Tron racing. I encourage you to finish it. And if it has local multiplayer mode, we would play it at indie meetings ;)

I didn't get it. I clicked the color thats shown to me, it seems I did right but I wasn't rewarded for this. If I click wrong colors for 3 times, game ends. Its like clicking correct colors game but you know the sequence because it is traffic light colors.

Another complete game with full working mechanics, congrats! I liked the text on obstacles at the beginning, fun to read and keeps you going.

Nice jelly mechanics with okeyish gameplay. Its a complete game from goal to gameover. Congrats!

Some kind of shooter with Vlambeer effetcs. The shooting and impacts are very well done, it is very satifying to shoot around.

You try to keep chickes inside the hencoop. Something is buggy with click and drag thing but still playable.

Couldn't executed with Jre 1.7, as always Java still sucks. Even at 2016! I will try again later. What I could tell from the screenshots is, it looks like a nice game dev simulation.

3d remake of Kayabros' game "Into the Box" but the main gameplay mechanic seems not done yet. Scene looks like a demoscene effect with glowing cubes and noise grain. It would look much better in synch with a trance soundtrack.

A game for smokers, light a Winston and watch the domino effect with Barbies. After a while music stars to overlap but anyway.

Great, I liked it. 

Very stylish shooter.

Did the first update after 1 months later :)

Very nice platformer.

I liked the idea and gameplay. Needs a bit more polish.

NES game in 2016. The future is now, respect!

I was doing that in the beginning, I drag the game window to the right down corner to make up-right visible only. But in some level, even though all other astronauts collected their radio, one of them didn't ! Was it a glitch then? Hmm.

Another stylish original game from you, congrats. It was nice and smooth at the beginning then things got ugly when asymmetric missions started.

Weird and cool. My hand is bleeding. :(

[BUG] I managed to die on a spot where it constantly spawns and dies.

Very nice and frustrating!!! :

Nice concept. Gives the feeling of 80's tron like retro racing games.