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Yesss. Its a known concept but good execution and design. Well done mate! 

The game has a very relaxing mood (thanks to the music, color choices and 2d artwork). I think you should keep it up and add more stories. You may add a Fallout style 2d map navigation to the travel sections. And add a small isometric combat system for the combat scenes. 

This is uber quality platformer. Even the config page is awesome. Asking for the fullscreen in game is a good idea. 

This is cool as hell. Best demake played in ages. 

new retro wavish style was my intend but turned out to be little vaporwave :)

Thank you. Keeping the controls as less as possible was the main goal but still one extra input for the turbo :) . So many efforts went into tweaking and balancing. I'm very glad that you liked it. 

Well polished pong game. Playing both paddles is cool idea. 

Wow you could do so much with just one button. Nice one. ;)

You should stay in the circle for a while to get the checkpoint. ;)

Thank you. Yes,  it needs some object pooling :)

Thank you ;)

I made it up to jail escape, then I started to get little dizzy. The graphics, weapons, gore is awesome. 

This is cool. Ms paint style graphics and everything ;)

Damn its hard, mostly because of the controls. But its fun! ;)

Thank you ;)

This was hell out a fun. Definitely needs more content. 

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The problem is, a system behind is deleting those objects at some point but apparently it lags the system. Next update will fix this hopefully.

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Checked it, cool game bro. Webgl version didn't work for me but played the windows build.

Nice one. I always liked shuriken throwing ninja games. My favorite is Shadow Dancer ;) . Add more enemies, make things faster, don't block ninja when throwing, thats it. Thanks for sharing the assets. By the way Assets.rar one is corrupted, maybe you should re-upload that one.

Thank you. I'm happy that you liked it. Check here time to time for the next update. I'm updating mobile version now. Then I will update the PC version. ;)  

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Yea, it would be cool. :)

The bigger problem is where is the revenue? :) 

But just to give some opinion, Newgrounds has this feature and its very lovely. You set the credits and their individual revenue share. This is indeed very handy if you use other creators' music and assets. If the asset maker marks their asset with common creative free asset and allows revenue share. You directly give them revenue share from the portal, no wire transfer, no skype, no messaging or other boring stuff. 

Wow, great update. Nearly all of my games at hijacked by browser game hosting sites. I wanted to add some site lock mechanism at first but probably it won't work correctly, plus it will block the legitimate players as well. Also its not big deal for my side, as long as my game is played I'm happy. My only concern was, my connection with the player is cut by some silly ad bloated thief site :) . Maybe player wants to make a bug report or write some comment, but can't reach me. 

I noticed I've been getting extra traffic on my game pages in these days. Mostly from external game hosting sites. So auto site lock update works perfectly, nice work. 

Excellent idea.

They should be capped yes. :)

* As long as you stay in the circle it fills the bar (the flag turns to green) and the moment you left the circle it starts to decay. I agree these should be more obvious. 

* Damage is calculated with the collision magnitude with some minimum and maximum caps. 

* Still missing lots of feedback and juice. Death animation is one of them. Your 4 wheels dismantle when you die but still not very obvious, because they are so small. 

* ACTION is Ctrl or Space in keyboard, and A button or button number 1 in gamepads. I always confuse what to write there, too many things to write in a limited area :D 

Thanks for the suggestions, it is hard to come up with these on my own. 

Good point. I was also thinking that but I forgot at some point.  The next update would be about steering stuff.  ;)  Thank you man. 

Just released a car chasing game. 

Collect cash, upgrade your car and run from the law :)

This is very fun and cool as hell. Wish I could do more skate moves. 

strange concept for a platformer, interesting characters which sell strange things. The boss levels are a bit hard, character controls are little slippery, very easy to slip of the edge and kill yourself. 

Nice game.  The destruction feeling could be higher.  Also there may be a result screen which shows our progress. It would be awesome if the evil lady makes a comment upon our progress. 

Ok, another psychedelic game from Talha. Sayko mayko, it somehow makes you play it to the end. Congrats bro. Keep releasing games!

This is uber cool. I made 89.  when is the next promotion? :)

Segaaaa game. Respect

This is rad! ... I will make something out of this. 

Great music, great 3d models, fun game :) 

Thanks for the video ;)

Nice suggestions man. Honestly I had to go on and work on my next game. There are some unfinished ones, I should focus to finish them first ;)

Thats the end :(