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Hey, you may try again. Now you can have a blast when you are stuck with "C" key. And there is a built in leaderboard ;)

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yes Raptor: Call of the Shadows. I also liked Raiden a lot 

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Great vertical shooter, I liked it very much. I see that you have put a lot of effort on weapon mechanics, fx and small details, nice!  It reminded me the game called Raptor. 

thanks pal. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the game. Good luck at the leaderboard! ;)

Nice game with cool weapons and spells. The swinging blade is awesome :) . I wish the gameplay area was bigger. I finished the game, loved the story, artwork, everything. 

Güzel oyun tebrikler. İlk başta sessiz oynayınca pek bir anlam ifade etmedi ama sonradan sesi açınca olay anlaşıldı :) 

tasarım ve akış baya başarılı.  alttaki haber barı güzel bir detay olmuş. ama diziyi yayından kaldırmaya yönelik şeyler seçtiğimde biraz tepkisiz kaldığını farkettim. 

eline sağlık.  

The police cars are Audi Quattro and they were the main player car in the beginning. Game was supposed to be a rally game of Group B. But things happened and they ended up being police pursuit cars. Then player car became a Lamborghini Countach. 

I got permission from the music owner and its licenced. But I'm not sure if he got permission from the Queen :)

Damn, I was lazy and didn't make enough performance optimizations back in the day. They will be fixed with the next update on 2030 :) . btw I banned you with a mistake, I was trying to reply your comment, luckily I reverted it back in no time. 

Hahah :D , well you can turn of the sfx from the settings as soon as you die :P ... ok. noted this down. 

Jeremiah f*ck your mother, you scared a shit out of me. But why this game is damn short! Oh, I see its a gamejam game. I see Ahmet you have the potential to make a really good damn horror game. I see you have a lot of small horror games. Just do your stuff, use your magic and make a longer horror game. Budget? Fix that. Work for another job in day time. Sleep late, wake up early, stay hungry but finish a super nice horror game!

Cool concept. Cute execution. Well done guys! Also super congrats for making a game every month!

wow! thats a nice run! well done. 

Nice idea. The execution falls short but I got what you were trying to make. As you said it needs some more polish. Well done!

Nice idea but it seems some planned mechanics aren't there yet. Thats perfectly fine, its jam game after all. Nice art and music btw. Menu colors makes things less readable. You may change it other that gray or add some shadows-outlines to them ;)

Nice couch coop game. Needs some tweaks for the gameplay. Well done!

super nice puzzle game. I liked this double pendulum like mechanic. After the 2nd joint, its very hard to foresight the results before trying. Its more like a frequency calculation game. I guess the solutions can be calculated but my math failed :) After some point I passed the levels with some random tries and tweaks. Perfectly matches with the game jam theme. Well, done! 

Thank you for playing and we're very glad that you liked the game. 

Yep, if you don't collect. AI will collect them ;) , so better to rush at start. Thanks for playing ;)

Thanks for playing and we're very glad that you enjoyed. 

Thank you for your comments. Yes, we have some ideas to continue and expand the game after them jam. I hope we continue this time. We have several unfinished jam games in our past :(

Dropping the tip of your gun and using that for rocket jump!  wow. Combination of interesting mechanics. I liked it. 

This was clearly the most fun game I've tested so far. Well, done. 

Jumping train to train and shooting around. Its actually nice game. just needs more juice and some extra mechanics. maybe we may rob trains, kill passengers or other getting into gun fight with other outlaws. ;)

Nice idea. Needs more work on the gameplay but it was fun to grow your drone army as you destroy others. 

interesting idea. its hard to play alone though.

idea is ok. presentation is quite nice. and that screen transition fx boosts the retro feeling to the top.

Ah the controls and that spring frustrated me a lot! Nice presentation and mechanics though.

I've figured out how to play with lots of trials and errors. Wow, really nice idea. It just needs a better UI control and feedback. Programming the muscles and watching them doing their thing is strangely fun :)

So we throw our boy around haha, nice. It needs more work for the mechanics but its ok.

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I've seen lots of rope and chain based climbing games in this jam but this is the best one so far. At least it doesn't make you fight with physics and get you frustrated. Even it is a single level, I enjoyed it. And pressing ESC during the credits plays some random sfx, cool :) . well done.  

not the most original idea but presentation quality is good.

nice idea. interesting music. needs more work on the shooting mechanic and why I loose my small drones so easily, they just slip away. Keeping them on the mother ship is the challenge I guess. 

Instead of shooting other ships, I was just grabbing their stuff haha it was fun.  Nice idea and gameplay.

Idea and gameplay is nice. Just needs little more polish. It was fun to play as single player. I guess it would be much more fun if I try it with a friend. 

I liked the idea. This is a nice game for 2 players. I had to test it alone though :(

Now I can start working in a robot factory. I've experience assembling lots of interesting robots ;) 

Cool music by the way.

Nice minimalist puzzle game. It gets quite challenging as you progress.