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hi, reply is little late :) . traction increase the tires friction so you don't drift too much and make sharp turns. 

damn, every time when we're out numbered, some horde of justice fighters come from the shadows and crush us. But this is ok, we are barbarians after all and life is hard for a barbarian, maybe even harder if you are group of barbarians ;) Camera controls gave me some hard time to focus on player but overall this is a fun rouge like strategy game. I liked it.

what kind of art is this, splendid drawings. sfx is cool and extra love for the Super Father flute :)

Overall it is a very calm relaxing game. 

wow, nice to hear that. This is for both of us: keep jamming and making games ;)

nice ambience and design. could be more juicy and faster ;)

Thank you for playing. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the game. You may try it on Android and Ios as well. Anroid version is ad-free, Ios version will be ad-free soon. 

The card selection part is excellent, I loved the artwork. I could see not much time left for the gameplay part. Its still a good effort and it has potential to be a nice casual card game. 

Tried so hard but couldn't make it work. Nice idea though.

Couldn't play it because of Twitch requirement. 

Thanks for playing. ;)

Relaxing and peaceful. Some of the rocks moves too fast they just teleport which makes it like they are glitching. Out of control feeling comes after passing 3 levels. Nice slow beat relaxing game but at the same time frustrating if you skip and hit a rock at the last second :)

Thank you for playing. By Engineers for Engineers (bro-fist) :)

Yes, exactly. We're aware of those bugs. Also levels are not well balanced.  About Maxing sensor and rotation, we have a few plans to nerf them down with the proper level design. The timer was added for nerfing slow but safe robots to force them to be faster.  Good feedback, thank you for playing ;)

Thank you for playing ;)

Nice mechanic with traffic lights. Its a bit hard to get the right timing. But once you get it, it feels good. 

Nice puzzle game with a well designed concept and gameplay. I managed to complete all levels. Last level was really challenging.  

I couldn't managed to change spaceships direction. I did as the instructions says but still so luck. I'm so clumsy I guess :(  .. But according to the instructions, this is a very unique mechanic. I liked the idea. And as a personal request, maybe it would be more convenient if you use a simple zip file instead of making an installer. 

Quite original concept and gameplay. I liked it. The music is a bit weird :) . Overall its nice, well done. 

Spoiler alert! . Nice game. Very surprising endings. I managed to find the worst ending with my first try haha. Second try was even better, I died :) 

Super nice graphics and track. Ai's could be better. They seem the use exactly the same code, it would be nicer if there were some randomness. I couldn't connect the game with the theme but overall its a nice game. 

This is super fun but it has nothing to do with  the gamejam theme ;)

Thank you for testing and playing. Yep the bugs. Hopefully next week there will be more balanced and fixed version ;)

It seems you've uploaded the Unity project :/ 

Awesome art and presentation.  Gameplay is not super fun but overall its a nice game. Well done. 

Something off with the edges and collision boxes. But its a hell out a fun game. I feel strong  :)

Probably the best game I tried so far. In every aspect this deserves to be nominated. 

Cool idea! Gameplay is fine also. You may remove the joystick icon after the tutorial. 

The idea is good. Its just repetitive after some point. Nice effort.

Thank you for playing. 

Just mark your uploaded file as browser game, so people can play it on their browsers. After trying all major browsers, finally good old Microsoft? - Edge able to run it. Amazing. Now I have a mirror piece in my pocket, lets see what will happen :)

That black hole thing is super cool. Overwall the game is ok. 

Thanks for playing! 

Yep, those are known bugs. As usual, we've submitted a version in the last minute which turned out to be quite buggy.  Current bugs are not breaking the game but they are very annoying. Bugs are already fixed but updates are locked during the voting, so you're welcome to test again next week :)

Nice idea and nice gameplay. And extra respect for creating all the art-audio during the jam. 

There is no playable version.

Thank you for playing. I wish the we could release a bug free version. After the voting ends, we will update ;)

Thank you for playing. Too bad we couldn't send the bug fixed version in time. But despite the glitches and bugs you can still finish the game. So do it haha :)

Yep, same here. We've added a last minute feature which turned out to be buggy. We have fixed the issues but couldn't submit the fix in time.

The idea is nice and presentation is ok. Making magnets stuck in the corners is very annoying :)  

Nice idea and gameplay. Its a bit hard but its fun to try the phobias and their effects.   

The presentation and the idea is good. But I guess there are some bugs or glitches which ruins the actual gameplay.