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If you have problem with saving, please place the old launcher in the same folder with www folder
So inside the dark demise v.1.1 folder should be www and your old launcher.

Thank You !!

Apparently the virtual box can't read the save file without external file, so sorry for the trouble !!

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Genre : horror, adventure, puzzle, action

Ramsey and his friends got lost in the middle of the forest.
Naturally, they need to explore the mansion to see if it is really abandoned.
While they are exploring they find that one of their friends has been brutally murdered by someone or maybe "something"
Needless to say they panicked, desperately hoping for help from outside, but...
The door is locked and some of them have gone missing...
Now Ramsey and his remaining friends must search for the ones who have gone missing and find a way out.
Could Ramsey really be connected to the tragedy that occured in that mansion over a hundred years ago?
What happened to the family who previously lived there?
Can they survive?
Join the adventure and unravel the mansion's mysteries.
Search for clues in old journals and dusty books. Look for the keys that will help you escape.

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This is a great idea, keep it up. you need more feature to make it useful.