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Terror Friendly Games

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Cool concept but found it a little bit too easy.

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game. Would love to know what's on the West side of the region. We couldn't get there and wonder if this is intentional. Also wondering what the second party member's background story is..though we have our suspicions.

We hadn't played Destiny so we didn't think that we would enjoy this game as much as we did. Very cool combat mechanics and level progression. We loved that the shop owners would appear as you leveled up. We would definitely enjoy a full version of this. Cool game!

We loved the intellectual level of the humor in this game. Daniel has always had an interest in 7 deadly sins lore so he really loved this game and had a lot of fun trying to guess which sin was represented by each battler. Combat was well balanced. We suffered just enough damage to make us think we wouldn't make it to the end but then managed to do so just barely. Great protagonist!

We liked the mechanic of searching for items and combining them. Had trouble with the water but was satisfying once completed. Must have taken time making that big map!

Also...nice poop joke.

You never cease to amaze me in your capability of making me feel emotions in your game. I absolutely loved this story. Very well done, great customization of RPG Maker modules. Cool effects.

This was one of our faves. We had such a good laugh at the concept! Was fun to play an animal.