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Hello, since I can’t comment on the main game page, I’m gonna do it here:

I’m playing on Linux using a laptop and for some reason, the sound always comes through the laptop speaker, even though I selected my headset in Linux settings (GNOME). In ADOFAI sound settings, there is no option to change speaker, what do I do?

Did you make that banger of a theme song? If so, then amazing work!

i have 16 gb ram and it filled up at 153 mb per second

ye me too

my computer crashed a 10 seconds after running the game :(

memory leak!!!!!1!

game takes ~180 mb of ram per second. truly a speedrunning experience :)

you gotta extract the zip file and place its content (The StandaloneXxx folder) inside of a new folder called NeoCosmos. The folder structure should look like NeoCosmos/StandaloneXxx. Then copy the NeoCosmos folder into your ADOFAI installation folder and open the game. If you are on Windows and it gives you an error, try placing both StandaloneWindows and StandaloneWindows64 in the NeoCosmos folder.

it‘ll be visible on the start of the jam. please read the jam description

you have to put the aa/ folder into the streaming assets folder not the contents of it. If you already have the dlc content in streaming assets then make a new aa folder and move everything into there.

Begging alert triggered! Begging alert triggered! (i’m waiting for the part where that’s my problem)

bro just stop spamming

Bro it’s a DLC because it’s extra, payed content for those who enjoy the game. If you aren’t willing to buy it, that’s your problem. 7th beat games will 100% not make this free.

you have to unzip the dlc and put the aa/ folder inside your game folder’s StreamingAssets/ folder. Restart the game and voila

You use the select tool to select the image, then you paste it into a new layer and use image > flip. Then, you lower the opacity and you make a blue overlay. (That’s what I think happened but I’m not 100% sure)

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Hello! We want to make a game for this jam, but we still need pixel artists (we don’t have enough)! We also need 2 more programmers who know GDScript (We’re working with Godot 4 and GitHub)

We are currently a team of 10 people and we want to invite more pixel artists and programmers. Reply with your discord tag to join (or send me a friend request; my discord is in my profile page)

See you soon!

Hi Brandon!

We‘d like you to join our team! We work with Godot 4.

If you‘d like to join us, please send me a friend request on discord: terraquad#3266