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And he didn't send a part of it to Mark? Some teammate they are.

But yeah, i have a strong feeling it was a coincidence, since it wasn't exactly a complicated logo. It gives me quite a hearty chucke when i notice the similarity though, especially with it not being rotated correctly on one of the sides. So yeah, thanks as well for that!

Took a hot minute or three just falling off cliffs and not getting what i should do with the lantern and the "trees", perhaps add some kind of tutorial as the previous commenter said. There's also a small bug where you can rise up with the "filled lantern goal" thingy's hitbox and thus just fly towards the other goal. Otherwise it's a neat game with a nice atmosphere. Good job!

I'll be honest, it's not the most original entry, but by god if it isn't the most polished and "complete" there is! The puzzles are decently challenging as well, good job!

Absolutely phenomenal! The "gimmick", controls, level design, everything really comes together and polished to bits. Good job!

Okay, it's a very polished and complete little game, you really really did a good job in this. But i'm sorry, i really, really need to ask; Is that the Windows logo as the windows shadow? 

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I'll be honest, i am not big-brained enough to properly solve, only by brute-forcing it, and even then only the first and third level i've managed to "win". Nevertheless, it's quite a polished and well-explained game for a 48-hour game! Kudos!

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A solid game! Though it feels like connecting the nodes can feel a bit crapshoot with a hitbox that small and covered up

I can see this being a fun arcade Co-op game, or maybe a competition to see which one can score the highest score. Nice work!

As others has said, Short and sweet. Definitely worth expanding upon, there's some potential brain-busters in this!

The art, music, and overall presentation are great, but i feel like the runes were unlocked way too quickly if it's meant to be brute-forced through.

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Absolutely juicy! I can see how much you've polished this, and it worked off, it's so much fun to play around!

There seems to be a bug, in which the texts are all nearly invisible which makes them hard to read, and the letters for the buttons straight up doesn't exists. That weird bug aside, this does looks like an interesting and hectic game! Good job!

I'll be honest, this isn't fun to play... but in a "that's the point" kind of way. Definitely an interesting take on the theme though, and i don't know how to make it more 'fun' without missing the mark, so good job overall!