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Best game of all time

Hey this is really really cool. Thanks for putting this together 👁️👁️


Thank you!

It's interesting that you bring that up, it's something I've considered. If one ever gets made, I just hope I hear about it :p

i got rollback netcode working today. check back soon for a version of the game with online play :)

I'll get it next time 😔

Currently, you have to first go into the control settings and set the keyboard to be either player 1 or player 2.

It's a very dated implementation, sorry

I don't control the bindings for this game, afaik. Those are set up by the pico-8 console. If you download the cartridge and run it in your own pico-8, you can rebind the controls :)

Hey, I just played your game. I got it from the bundle. This is a work of art. Possibly the greatest fighting game I've ever played. Thank you. :)

That bug is fixed, and custom controls are now finished. Thank you for playing!

It does now! <3

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in tutorial mode, it uses whichever controller is currently "player 1" according to the computer. Do you have multiple controllers plugged in?

I should probably fix that though :v

And I do wanna add custom controls eventually. c:

EDIT: Custom controlls is in development right now

Not yet. I wanted to add keyboard support + custom controls at the same time, and I haven't gotten to the latter yet