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It was easy and fast to find tags before, but now one tag takes up a lot of space and nothing is in order? I can't find anything now. Browsing on mobile one tag takes up the whole screen. How is this useful?

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Hi again! I tried ver 3.50 and I encountered no problems with this version. This game loads a bit faster than Nuclear Throne. Both loads pretty fast.

Thanks for the reply! I don't get any error message. It starts to load from the harddrive a lot, so much that I can't alt tab or bring up the task manager, at least not unless I wait for a very long time, probably. The game is frozen but the music still plays.

I have played Nuclear Throne on this computer for at least 10 hours without any problems, which is another game maker game.

I will try your new build tomorrow and see if I have the same problem with it

The game starts to load forever and basically locks up my computer in the tutorial when I press tab to switch weapons. Can't even bring up the task manager to close it, have to hard reset the computer. Tried this 2 times with the same results. Works well otherwise. This was with ver. 3.49. Any fix for this in 3.50? I don't really want to try it again if no fix has been applied.

Win 8.1, i5-3317U 1.70 ghz (2.6 ghz), Intel Hd graphics 4000. 8 GB RAM.

Can't find anything to download.