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There were going to be some additional traps and maybe flying enemies, but we simply ran out of time to make that work. The hope was to get an attack move going in the 11th hour, but we decided placing some coins and such to guide the player was more feasible for the time we had left.

Yeah, the wall rocket was an unintended mechanic: I had been planning on doing some simple raycasts to figure out relative positioning and then push the player away from the wall, but ran out of time.

Yep I was running love 11.

As soon as I load the game I'm getting an error "sounds.lua:11: bad argument #2 to 'newSource' (string expected, got no value)"

I'm having some trouble getting past what I assume is supposed to be the splashh screen. From glancing at your code I suspect it's an issue with how you change the room in the draw call: I highly recommend doing any kind of updates in the update method, so you can use dt. :)

So, just as a followup on this: after some trial-and-error with STI to get the scaling figured out, I finally managed to get it so the number of tiles onscreen would be locked and... it looks like crap. The art assets simply don't scale up well, even at even increments. If I had gone for a more pixelated look I imagine it'd be fine, but the sketchy style ends up turning into a blurry mess when you go above native resolution.

So, it sucks, but I'm making the call to let the camera show more than intended if you have a higher-res monitor. Definitely something for me to keep in mind next game jam though!

One of the known issues in this game is that it doesn't zoom as you change screen resolution: a player with an ultrawide screen would have a huge advantage over a potato player. Since it's not a competitive game I've had this as a back-of-the-queue issue, but now that you've mentioned it I'll see if I can't push it up my todo list :)

Ah, I see the issue. Pushing up a fix, thank you!