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Yeah, buying the base game includes the Lucretia update that we released! Adding Lucretia to the game was a stretch goal that we hit late into development, so we don't see it making sense to have it be paid DLC.

Voice acting is only intended to be in key scenes with the CG artwork and first time character introductions.  We tried to do as many voiced scenes as we could while remaining within budget. Unfortunately, voicing the entire story wasn't financially possible, so we prioritized full art scenes and the room voices.

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This patch is mostly bug fixes and adjustments, here's the full change log:

Fixed Day 14 Route Bug: Some players were experiencing a bug that would default them back to the main route, causing Mira’s route and the Secret route to branch incorrectly.

Reduced Colette’s Aggression: Finding her bad ending would previously require to be under 20 standing with her. This has been changed to now require 0 standing or below. (Walkthrough Infographic will be updated soon to reflect this.)

Fixed Issue with Mira Plot Branch that would cause a soft lock: Extremely specific set of choices was causing the problem on Night 11 and not many players were experiencing it.

Removed Extra Whetstone Gnome from Sweet Seductions: We had accidentally included an extra gnome that was throwing some players off. There are still 3 hidden gnomes in the backgrounds that count towards a secret achievement.

Adjusted Collar Price in Sweet Seductions: Display price was $125 but the dialogue prompt was saying $100 instead.

The next one will most likely be the Lucretia update in a few months, so unless an insanely critical bug is found, any further tweaks and fixes will be pushed to the big update.

Thanks for playing!

Hello itch and all who inhabit it! We want to start off our first announcement by thanking you for playing Project Cappuccino! Our dev team is composed of two people and we really bust our asses working on this game.  Seeing people enjoying it is incredible and we can’t thank you enough!

We are aware of some bugs and are working on them!

Some of our players have informed us of a few bugs that they've run into. The biggest one being a Colette issue that causes her route to supersede others if her standing is low enough. (Under -15 to -20 or so)

The second bug is more of a minor oversight! There’s an achievement that requires finding 3 gnomes hidden in the game’s backgrounds but we accidentally added a 4th gnome at some point in development and forgot about it completely! He’s sitting on the bottom left shelf and isn’t clickable, so there are 3 others hidden out there.

We’re working to get these bugs patched ASAP and will roll out a patch as soon as it’s been taken care of. Thank you for your patience in that regard!

Upcoming Free Lucretia Patch to all owners of the game

Those of you that have been following us for a while are probably aware of this, but we’ve got some news for new players!

Late into development, we managed to hit a stretch goal of adding Lucretia to Free Play mode. She will be coming to all owners of the game as a Free Update in the next couple of months. We aim to have her available in all 3 rooms, including the Inn Room’s undressing system.

Along with this, there is also some sprite artwork improvements that will be made. The girls expressions will have alternate poses to go with them, that way it’s not just the faces that change.

We hope you guys are as excited for the update, and we’ll keep you informed if there’s any change in plans!

-Vanis & Dokucchi

Thank you for following us during the development process! It's been a tough road but we're insanely happy to have been able to complete it and have so many people enjoy it!

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This walkthrough was made near the end of development, so some requirements have been made a bit easier since then! However, it's still mostly accurate and should help those that want to explore every nook and cranny that Project Cappuccino has to offer.

View Full Walkthrough!

*EDIT*: After v1.24.2, Colette's Day 15 route that required having under 20 standing, now requires 0 or less instead.

Don't mention it! Thank you for your support!