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i did it! i beat the slime king!

this was really cool! i liked putting down turrets and strafing everything.

really interesting idea! took me a minute to figure out what all was happening, but i think the core idea - controlling a die & getting powerups based on where it lands after an interval, while you're doing other things - is pretty neat. i found jumping to not have much use, and it was usually easier to just lure enemies off the edge rather than actually attacking them. but more cool variation on enemy types and physics :)

I couldn't get past the first slowdown section </3 mechanics were fun tho

there's fun bones here! I like that the different building materials are different shapes

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also, to be clear, i did like that you could shoot up and down on the z-axis. it was fun to bounce bullets off of treetops

this is actually really fun! the physics make it feel really interesting and unique, and the enemy types are really cool in their different behaviors, especially as combined with the physics. your bullets going up on the z-axis if you're pointing at a tree or cube is an odd little quirk, though it does make it possible to hit the bosses at all, though that also means you can't hit them if they're off the screen. but anyway, I really liked the little gameplay loop to see and beat all the enemy types. and I liked fast mode, and I liked when you got to a certain point you'd have enemies practically orbiting you elliptically. this is a really good first project!

i love this game! the art is beautiful and so's the music. it's been very difficult getting a balanced world, but that'll make it cooler once i manage it.

i really love how this looks and what ive seen of the story speaks to me. cant finish it but thank you for a good experience

what a cool little experience! thank you

the style is off the charts even starting from the alleyway graffiti. seeing the goddesses from diaries of a spaceport janitor was such a fun surprise - that's my favorite game! even without that this was lovely and a really cool experience. thank you :)

Cailean makes it clear his brother could, and might, kill and eat you. And then Tremaine also makes that clear

:') this is so nice and sweet. it resonates a lot with how i grew up too.

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I'm enjoying this and playing through all the available content. the story so far and all the characters are compelling and interesting but I have to say a few aspects feel a bit too much to me... the fantasy racism is so everpresent in every single plot thread and very, very real and heavy to the point where it takes me out of the game. it feels like it clashes a bit with the premise and artstyle and tone, like every corner I turn I'm being hit out of nowhere with a stop sign labelled "BIGOTRY"...  Vivietta's route in particular - and everything about her I see outside of her route - it just feels like something I can't just pick myself up and continue on after. it's supposed to be upsetting and unfair, but for what purpose? what part of the fantasy is it supposed to be playing into? as I said they're interesting storylines and dynamics but it just gets to a point where it's a bit crushing, how all the characters have concepts/traits/dialogue that are either reflections of extreme privilege, reflections of extreme prejudice, or reflections of extreme oppression

edit: also having now played through Cailean's full route... there's a pretty thorough and uncomfortable linkage of the kelpies with african americans. the main character even remarks that "tremaine" is a strange name but it's very popular in that demographic... they're at odds with/in danger of the police and incarceration, they're used as manual labor paid less, they're ex and current slaves... and then they're also giant, dangerous shark-toothed carnivores that eat people...

very  cool. character designs are all very interesting, art's great, and love the little bits of worldbuilding

really cool! lovely and I keep being drawn back into it. experienced three notable bugs, two of which had me having to restart the game... 1. on my first play, I set down one of the tools, and it went too far into the wall I was nearby for me to pick it back up 2. this play, just now, I was in the dark area with the spiders on the highest level grabbing the potion. somehow my lantern disappeared inbetween screens (during a transition). it wasn't set down anywhere, and I no longer had it 3. I went into the mistkey door and slowly died, admiring the music and the setup. when I respawned the music was still going. continued until I quit the game just now (due to losing lantern)

made me cry a few times :')

very wonderful. had a bit of trouble with the console bits but felt very powerful when I figured them out

^ this, but more specifically (I personally was stumped because the letters above my door spelled a word - PROP) the letters mean what colors to set it to. so for example with PROP - Purple, Red, Orange, Purple

love the art and designs and concept. thanks :)

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i can't figure out how to get the worst one, but for the best: avoid anything that brings down your audience score, do anything that brings it up. here's what i ended up doing: 1. tell the full story. 2. try to climb the stairs. 3. avoid examining the teddy bear. open the evil book (by examining the bookshelf twice), then examine the wedding photo. 4. open the fridge. examine the postcards twice. 5. step in the summoning circle but don't light the candles 6. leave the house and speculate they sacrificed their daughter

try examining some things multiple times, or again after you've received new information. notable examples are the postcards on the fridge, the bookshelf in the living room, and the family portrait. your character will notice the basement door in the kitchen once they know enough ?

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enter the summoning circle and light the candles but with low terror. :) so generally look for the story of the family, but avoid the ghosts.

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I! Love! This!

I can't climb ladders though, I just jump

edit: scratch that! forgot wasd and arrows were different lmao