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Since it is not game-breaking, I wouldn't worry about fixing it while the voting is still ongoing.

Even as a prototype, this is kind of fun. It feels quite difficult, since the searchlights move so quickly (almost as fast as the player themselves, I think, so it is hard to outrun them). My best score was 9. It seems the blue gem can spawn inside a green wall, but you can still get it by moving past it diagonally.

This is indeed a relaxing game. The mechanics are easy to grasp, and all the downtime while waiting for the flowers to grow gives you a lot of time to appreciate the graphics, music, sounds and weather effects.
The flower drawings are great. I'd say that the main thing  driving me to continue playing was seeing all the different flowers fully grown. It's almost a shame to cut them as soon as they bloom to buy new seeds. I did stop playing once I'd seen them all, without unlocking all the pots.

This is a cute game. I like the sprites for the moth and the other small characters. The weightlifting pupa is funny. The cocoon/shooting mechanic works pretty well I think. The music is good too.

I also found it a bit difficult to make progress. My main suggestion would be to perhaps add checkpoints at some screens so that you don't have to start over from the beginning each time, although maybe that would make it too easy? Also, it seems the 'Wake again' button at the end doesn't work for me (playing on the windows version), but I expect that would just restart the game, so it doesn't really matter.

Thanks :)

Thank you. The 'tunnel' effect was achieved by constantly creating instances of the 'tunnel object' some distance away and having them move continuously towards the camera. Each of these objects also contains a script that makes it appear darker the further away it is. About 40 such objects exist at one time.

From the title and visuals, I am assuming the game represents a descent into the depths of the ocean. I am a bit unclear on the controls, though. It seemed like I could only move side to side and there was no way to actually go down. Anyway, I liked the visual aspects, especially the jellyfish and the 'swim-like' distortion effect (not really sure how to describe it).

Curling is actually pretty difficult, isn't it? This seems like a fairly accurate simulation of the curling physics (thankfully without having to also controls your skates to keep up with the rock). It's good that there is a clear explanation of the controls onscreen, especially to explain the effects of the sweeping. Also a good move to allow restarting at any point, instead of having to wait for the throw to 'finish'.

Thank you!

Thank you for playing and making a video on the game. It is great feedback for me to directly get another person's perspective and see how the game comes across and if there are parts that are unclear and such. I apologize for the imbalance between the music and voice volumes. I'll pay more attention to it in my future games :).

Thanks, I was able to play it. I could only test it playing by myself, so I can't comment that much. I think the pre-game screen communicates the concept pretty clearly and the controls work well enough. The hitboxes on the food seemed a little small to me, but since that goes for both players it shouldn't cause an imbalance.

Thanks for you reply. I think I played a version before the change that would alter the ball color and such when you shoot them. I'll give it another try!

As the other comments said there is not much change in difficulty as you progress,  just shooting a gradually increasing number of enemy blocks. The music still makes it pretty intense.

This takes a bit of work to get into, but once I got used to the controls and the way different enemies and elements interact it worked well. I did get stuck at the third level, but luckily I was able to watch the rest on jonbjohns's stream ( I like the way the red aliens(?) jump and walk around. The level transitions are also a treat!

Smashing up the supermarket is a lot of fun. Especially the super attack is very satisfying. The game runs very well considering there's a lot of separate objects with physics in the scene.

I really like the in-game tutorial, which explains the concept of the danger layer very well in iterations with increasing difficulty. The music also really underscores the different moods between the normal and danger sides.

I also never had any problems with moving to the danger layer and immediately being close to a danger. I assume that's by design, so good job with that!

This looks charming and plays pretty intuitively. The graphics for the various obstacles in the levels clearly communicate your options. Unfortunately I ran into a bug in the third level where the robot kept jumping continuously and I couldn't interact any further. It might be good to have a way to reset the level in case something like that happens.

Not much to do besides climbing cylinders and shooting pizza's, but pretty fun for two day's work. The target indicator seemed to just be stuck to the player character for me, but just aiming roughly at the center of the screen worked alright.

I like the idea of a reverse breakout, but I found it a bit difficult to test just playing by myself. The controls work fine after getting used to it. I think it could be a little clearer what the goal of the game is. I wasn't really able to tell the difference between digesting yourself and being digested by the opponent.

The concept of having enemies as projectiles is something I don't think I have seen before. It works pretty well. I also like the simple and pleasant style of the menus, level geometry and effects.

I played a round against the computer and lost miserably after they captured the center. Even with the extensive how-to-play guide the game is pretty tough to understand at first. The UI is very well done, particularly the timing of the messages and sound effects when moving through the various stages.

I might be missing something, but I'm not sure how to run this game. What do I need to do to run the .p8 file download?

This is kind of intriguing. I like the feeling it gives of "here's a bunch of weird stuff, figure out how it works". I'm not sure if it's actually possible to finish the level. All I've managed so far is pushing the civilian into the gap. The particle effects on the orb look cool. It may be handy to mention in the description that you can rotate objects using the right mouse button, that tripped me up at first.

I got 14! The enemies can swarm you pretty quickly, I found. Maybe it would be better if it was a little less difficult at the start, like by starting out with fewer enemies or a shorter cooldown on the scanner. I like the wireframe style of the enemies.

This is a neat concept. You basically have to keep track of two things at once, and it's pretty difficult. I couldn't get past the part where the blocks began to be spaced closer together a little ways into the second level.

I like the sprites and the music, and the aesthetic in general. It seemed pretty difficult to get all the way to the end, mainly because of the alligator. Holding back when it's just about to go offscreen and reappear on the left seems to be a good strategy.

This rides the line between being challenging and being frustrating pretty well. A few of the later stages did come down to a bit of luck for me, but the restart is pretty quick, so it works fine.

I couldn't get past step 3, since I couldn't get them to start building the gym. Everyone mainly keeps hanging around the tents. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's a hardware bug. That being said, it's a great thing that you added the guide and a 'winning' description, since the game has a lot of systems that can't really be explained in-game. I also like the idea of indirectly controlling the whole population by adjusting the virtue 'priorities'.

It took me two tries to see that the enemies can also destroy each other. That seems like a good tactic. I guess there's no way to keep from eventually getting overpowered, though. I like the dynamic movement effects with the little spheres.

As the description says, you eventually figure out the right responses to achieve victory. I guess you could say this is the dark souls of interactive fiction. I liked the music.

Got a couple of endings and honestly, this game has me really confused. But I guess that is probably the point :). I liked that each choice had a pretty clear description to give you some idea of what it might do, and that there are no dead ends (in the parts that are finished, anyway).

I'm assuming the goal is to answer with the year the video in the picture was released? Seems my memory isn't that great :). It might have been nice to see which answer was correct after answering wrong.

Great style and nice variety between the different games. I found it pretty easy to figure out how to control the games themselves after a few seconds, but not how it was scored or what the goal was.

I like the portrait art. It was a nice idea to include actual gameplay footage for the DSi games. I found I repeatedly had to scroll down to see all the text after selecting a choice. Maybe removing or moving the header could prevent that.

I liked the hints in the descriptions that made it easier to get the optional goals.