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I'm assuming the goal is to answer with the year the video in the picture was released? Seems my memory isn't that great :). It might have been nice to see which answer was correct after answering wrong.

Great style and nice variety between the different games. I found it pretty easy to figure out how to control the games themselves after a few seconds, but not how it was scored or what the goal was.

I like the portrait art. It was a nice idea to include actual gameplay footage for the DSi games. I found I repeatedly had to scroll down to see all the text after selecting a choice. Maybe removing or moving the header could prevent that.

I liked the hints in the descriptions that made it easier to get the optional goals.

Me, too! I think I got about 7000 points?

That's possible. It may also be that the game runs at different speeds depending on hardware. Of course, that's hard to test :)

I liked the music, very jaunty.

A good effort for a first game. The goal and controls are clear, there are no bugs as far as I can see, and there is a clear endpoint (when you end up going too fast to live). Congrats on finishing and submitting it in just one week!

A very complete experience. The surprise when you start of the first level and things don't work as they seem like they would is hard to beat. I enjoyed the ways in which you could use the item to alter the geometry and circumvent obstacles. The levels are pretty tough, too, since you always die in one hit! It's a good thing you have unlimited lives.

The classic golf swing mechanic! This game could use some sound effects to strenghten the impact of the animations and help with timing the meter.

This was fun! The time limits are pretty tight. Can't even imagine doing some of these with a trackpad...

Setting the scene with dialogue between the crew was nice. It might have been easier to read if it were broken up over more screens. Having flappy bird style gameplay but with a slower falling/rising speed works well for the theme. It makes it feel less frantic and more like a balloon ride.

Thanks for playing! Seeing how a first-time player experiences the game and UI is valuable feedback. The graphics style is mostly a result of using Doodle Studio for everything, I think. I'll certainly consider using it again in future jams.

I tried just sitting in the corner chopping, but I got overwhelmed by all the fire and jellies. I wonder if it's best to try putting out all the fires as soon as possible, or to keep some around to toast the bread more quickly? Anyway, this was neat.

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Thanks for the feedback! I've reduced the mouse sensitivity a bit with a new upload. I hope it's a bit better now. A last challenge at the end would probably have helped the game. I was originally planning to have the player figure out and enter the code themselves, but I couldn't easily do that with the dialogue interface. I also wasn't sure if it the solution would have been too obvious or to obscure. Since I definitely didn't want people getting stuck, I opted to scrap that puzzle, but that did leave the game sort of without a 'climax'. I'll keep that in mind for future games :)