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Thanks for the reply! 

I found myself unable to exit a dungeon room when the door out was unlocked. 

after dying to the first boss, I found myself unable to move at all. 

when collecting health/mana potions, if I walk away too fast they fail to follow me (I do have a fix for this one, lerp() them to the player’s position instead of having them follow the player).

While not bugs, I’d also recommend some quality of life changes. 

I appreciate the pixel art style, but having different sized pixels for everything throws me off.

having a thunderball spawn in a certain place in front of me is a good concept, but flawed. I’d appreciate If it was treated as a projectile so I can hit an enemy closer to or farther away than me.

With all that being said, thank you for responding to my comment. I look forward to seeing what else you make!

the game feels like one of the most effort-filled games in the jam, however the game is riddled with bugs, and the overall UX is weird. for your next entry i would recommend making the pixel sizes consistent, and worry about perfecting the feel of the game before adding in levels. things like a consistent tutorial, shooting out an electric ball, and putting in a lot more polish go a long way. and while i enjoyed there being a boss at the end of the first dungeon, i couldn't move after dying and the combat in general felt more like a chore than fun. still, i enjoyed what I could and would like to see more from you as you improve!

is there a licensing fee I need to pay to use these files in my game?

When's this getting a full release? i would love to play this in it's entirety!