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Hey, thanks for the feedback! Once judging ends I'll go back to update it and I'll keep all of this in mind!

Entrancing visuals and superb sound design, nicely done! I'd like to see more of these in a similar style.

Awesome concept with the unseen world viewed through the cellphone. You can tell a lot of work went into this, and I'd love to see it more fleshed out.

This game is fantastic. My time in Purgatory was great, albeit never-ending... how do I get outta here?!

We plan to release a "Physical Package" that will come packed with goodies like an original gameboy game but getting an actual playable cartridge wont be feasible at this time unfortunately 

It is! We're in the process of wrapping it up at the moment, here's hoping it doesn't take much longer. Thanks for the inquiry and patience.

Thank you for the feedback. We'll be looking into more recent android versions in the future as well as fitting as many resolutions as we can!

Tempted to leave it in there honestly... sounds like a feature to me!

But in all seriousness, thanks for bringing this to our attention, ill be sure to fix it! Also thanks for playing our game.

Thank you so much for saying so!

Thank you for playing and your kind words. Any amount is more than enough and we appreciate it so much!

Unfortunately that doesn't narrow it down much, but ill still look into it. Thanks!

Thank you for letting us know, we'll be sure to fix that as soon as we can!

Hey Sleepkirby, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

While this is just a demo, there are somethings we've changed since. We've added a buffer for stamina so when its depleted, after a certain time a quarter of it is replenished. So hopefully that helps once its released.

As for the crashing i'm not entirely sure why its doing that for you. On the lameboy itself theres knobs at the bottom right that also changes the colors so I suggest trying those. If you could tell me your OS and some of your specs I might be able to narrow it down, but as of right now I have no idea why it wouldnt be working for you. Thanks for trying the game!

I'll be sure to look into that, thank you for bringing that to our attention. Ill also see about making the fishing easier, we havent heard much on that end but we're always happy to make things more accessible. Thanks again for playing!

Hey SleepyKirby, thanks for playing the game. If I recall correctly, the B ending is gotten by not having all the keys by the end of the game, its one of the more tame/bad endings. 

Thank you so much for your kind words! :']

Hey there Omnimos.

Thanks for trying out the game! Thats an interesting glitch. From what you said I gather you mean the stairs in the main lobby? The only thing I can think off the top of my head is that you might need to lock the front door again as the sequence mightve gotten messed up by going back to security. Other than that ill have to look into the glitch myself. Thanks for messaging!

Thank you for the kind words Yardbomb, we're still keeping at it and its your support that helps up keep going.

This is awesome! Thank you for doing this, its all very well written! (More so than the actual game haha!)

We'd akin him more to a delusional fanboy/henchman.

I will say the uncle is very much alive.

Thank you for the interest! The plan is to release it for Android and iOS when the time comes. For iOS we usually wait till the end as I dont personally have the resources for that, for android its a bit easier to have a build up and running without having to deal with storefronts and what not. We hope to have something to share here soon!

Yes, A through D are the only endings. Perhaps the C ending can be explained if we ever make a sequel, either way I think its best left unsaid. Thanks for playing.

We try to post a new screenshot every other saturday over on twitter @TheThirdShiftGB if youd like to follow. Other than that, we're still working on it! Its around 70% done to give you a better idea. Thanks for asking!

Hey there, one of the devs here.

This seems to happen when the grey creatures eat all the red ones for some folks. There may be a red creature hiding somewhere! Otherwise you may have to start over. Sincerest apologies! We'll try and pinpoint what is causing this and fix it with the next build. Thank you for letting us know!

So it looks like itch doesn't allow games to go under a dollar, so we're going to take the sale down. Thank you for letting us know and we're glad you enjoyed!

Oh thank you! We'll fix that right away, sorry about that.


Restored and remastered! Once thought to be completely lost to time, an long forgotten version has been uncovered and finally updated! PYLONS is an edutainment game to help children understand the dangers of PYLONS. Be sure to heed the Pylon Mans warnings and you'll be just fine!

If you experience any humming within your computer after exiting the program turn off your computer immediately. Headache and Nausea have been known to be attributed to playing the game amongst children, if you experience any of these symptoms please exit the program.

For the first day up until 12a.m GMT 10-22 the game is pay what you want! After that the price will be a dollar to help fund the investigation in finding the developers who mysteriously went missing after remastering the game. Please enjoy and beware of PYLONS.

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Hey there, thanks for playing! This feedback is wonderful, were always happy to hear what folks honestly think. We're still hard at work, and are more than happy to make the game more accessible. The demo boss fight most definitely needs more cues on what to do, so we'll be sure to address that in the full release. We'll most certainly consider having bottles be collectable, as well as Ibuprofen. Again, thank you so much for the feedback. Its very helpful for our small team! We hope youll be able to play the full game soon.

Thanks for playing through the game and for your kind words. We're glad you enjoyed!

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Thanks for playing!

It has been fixed! Thank you so much for letting us know this, we're deeply sorry you had to experience it. We hope you enjoy, and let us know if what you think.

Hey there, thanks for letting me know! A quick question for you, what type of phone is it? And I you could screenshot it and show me itd be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.

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Oh, right on! Thank you so much for clearing that up. What happened was one of the objects was set to persistent so it carried over to your new game. You had me worried when you said the game was closed out and it still happened, I was flabbergasted haha. I'm incredibly sorry that happened to you though, I'll be pushing a new update here soon that fixes it (hopefully without breaking anything in the process XS) Thanks again for your help!

That is quite the bug! Thank you for sharing that with us. I cant even begin to think why that'd happen. May I ask, were you playing on PC or Android? Thank you again for informing us and we'll get to fixing it right away!

Hey Thekenken, so with all 4 of the pumps calibrated and the countdown starting, you're gonna head down below into the basement/pump room. It should be cleared of all the steam! Once you're there you'll get to the pump hub which consists of 6 rooms. There you'll be able to listen to the alarm get softer or louder depending on how close you are. It's just one area you need to access within the main pump hub. Hope this helps! Towards the end of development we'll be sure to implement a map :)

Indepth you say? Pretty fitting for a fishing game! XD

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Hmmm, so I'll break it down for you in steps if that's cool!

1. Look for a silhouette in the water.

2. With the crosshair lined up with it, hit the space bar or "X" which brings up the casting meter

3. In the casting meter, wait till the bars match up. When they are touching hit space or "X" and you'll cast your line out

4. With your line out, watch the bobber. Once the bobber goes under, snatch it up with space or "X"

5. With the fish snagged, reel it in with alternative presses of WASD or the arrow keys

6. Sometimes the fish will give resistance, when it does alternate presses of X and Z!

And that should do it, hope you'll be able to reel in a big one soon! Feel free to ask for any more assistance if need be.

*edit* I realize the game jam page doesn't have the controls, sorry about that. Also, many people seem to not notice that you can look more left and more right while at the lake!

Hey omnimos! Thanks for playing. Sorry you ran into that glitch! I didn't account for people not going into the cellar! Haha We'll be sure to fix it, thank you for bringing it to our attention! And you should be able to replay that day from your save hopefully! If not, I apologize. Thanks again!