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Indepth you say? Pretty fitting for a fishing game! XD

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Hmmm, so I'll break it down for you in steps if that's cool!

1. Look for a silhouette in the water.

2. With the crosshair lined up with it, hit the space bar or "X" which brings up the casting meter

3. In the casting meter, wait till the bars match up. When they are touching hit space or "X" and you'll cast your line out

4. With your line out, watch the bobber. Once the bobber goes under, snatch it up with space or "X"

5. With the fish snagged, reel it in with alternative presses of WASD or the arrow keys

6. Sometimes the fish will give resistance, when it does alternate presses of X and Z!

And that should do it, hope you'll be able to reel in a big one soon! Feel free to ask for any more assistance if need be.

*edit* I realize the game jam page doesn't have the controls, sorry about that. Also, many people seem to not notice that you can look more left and more right while at the lake!

Hey omnimos! Thanks for playing. Sorry you ran into that glitch! I didn't account for people not going into the cellar! Haha We'll be sure to fix it, thank you for bringing it to our attention! And you should be able to replay that day from your save hopefully! If not, I apologize. Thanks again!

Ah, thank you so much! We hope to have something for you in the near future :)

Thanks for playing!! I'll pass along your kind words to our sound guy, they'll appreciate it! And I wonder what was causing the sudden surge in strange and large fish...hmmm.... :)

Thank you!


Most of the keys are acquired by fishing. There's one instance where a "guiding hand" well help you get one. If you're a fan of night fishing and a certain someone gets close enough, they may deem you worthy of a key. And the last one is easy! If you fish all around you'll be a SHOE in for the last key!

Hope that helps!

Hahaha thank you for breaking our game and letting us know! Truth be told, this kinda stuff keeps us up at night so it's so helpful to know what needs to be fixed. Thank you so much and consider it fixed!

oh wow, good find!! Haha thanks for bringing that to my attention, I'll be sure to fix that right up.

If you're looking for the "C" ending... you don't HAVE to go night fishing...

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Oh no! Thank you for telling me, I'll be sure to fix that right up!

Update: Thanks for you help! I was able to figure it out! Ill have it patched up in a jiffy! Apparently if the shoe is your last catch with the worms it triggers another object. Thanks again!

X and Z! Or space for A and "B" for  B I believe.

Thanks for playing TitledEel. Glad you enjoyed what you played. Perhaps I can include an intro skipper in a later update that skips the first day which is basically just a tutorial.

Again, thank you for playing!

Hey batuhan, sorry that happened to you! When you got the right shoe, did it prompt dialogue afterwards? Were you not able to continue on? I'll be sure to fix it right away, I'm just having trouble replicating it.

And you'll have to go down in the basement to find out! So long as it doesn't bug out on you that is!

Hey SneakyBoy, thank you for trying our demo! And thank you for the encouraging words!

In regards to your question, an iPhone and Mac version are planned! We just usually save all the Apple stuff for towards the end of development. Android is just easier for me to do quick testing for mobile.

Again, thank you for your kind words and we hope you look forward to the final release!

Looking forward to the other parts, thanks for playing and for your kind words Captain!

Haha thank you, heres hoping you dont have to wait too long!

So if you hit the start button/ "M" it brings up a rudimentary map, it just doesnt show your exact location. Thats something I wanna finish later on, but I also wanted to have the museum have enough visual clues that a map wouldnt be entirely necessary. I'm gonna update the gift shop with better clues here soon!

Chum-wise, the freezer door near berthas dumping point was put there just incase someone went all the way there but didnt get the chum near the piranhas. That way they wouldnt have to go all the way back. So theres no difference between fish guts! Not sure if you know this but theres another creature that likes chum in the aquarium ;)

Lemme know if you have any more questions during the playthrough! Always happy to help.

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So in the gift shop of the aquarium theres a 2nd room with a "back warehouse" that will lead you to a different area with the 3rd pump. Throwing the chum in Berthas water is the correct thing to do! So i'd say go snooping around the aquarium gift shop ;]

In the next update I'll add more visual clues on where to go because it seems to stump a lot of people. Plus having a working map might be nice too haha.

Yes! Happy youre playing it man, sorry the game is taking so long haha. Also sorry that your save data didnt carry over :( from the looks of it, you'll definetly be able to get it finished in under an hour, excited to see what you think of the ending! Thanks for giving it a go!

Sorry it bummed you out :( but glad you're excited! :D We'll give it our all!

Thank you for your kind words! It makes me that much more motivated to keep going. Here's hoping you enjoy the full release!

Happy to hear :] We'll try our best!

Great video! Glad to see you were picking up what I was putting down game-wise. Looking forward to the other parts! :]

Cool! I look forward to watching your videos! And I think your theory is probably correct. That might also explain why the dialogue boxes can be skipped so quickly. Hopefully this patch coming up addresses and fixes all the problems. Thank you again for your help!

That is crazy, having to stand still made it work?! Very interesting... 

I'll peel back the magic curtain and explain. So when you walk into grand 4, theres an invisible bar that changes its position at the start of the room randomly. Once you walk into the bar it sets off the power outage.  I cant even begin to think why it wouldn't work for you... I've got it programmed now that if you try to access Grand 5 without the event being triggered, it should instead take you to the power outage cutscene as a sort of fail-safe. But man, that's a head-scratcher for sure.

Thank you so much for sticking with it and helping me (hopefully) fix this! I really appreciate it. I hope you still enjoyed the game, save for all the technical difficulties :] 

Sorry to ask but Im having trouble replicating the bug :[ When entering the area after the gift shop, did static appear on your screen?  It seems you've somehow skipped ahead of the game?! Either way, I'll keep looking for a fix. I would suggest possibly reloading the save or giving the lameboy version a try. Again, I'm sorry!

Sorry to hear that! Ill look into it right away!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Great job on creating a good sense of dread. The style and art is simple, yet powerful. And the music ties it all together. Nicely done!

@CarlsonAndPeeters Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you liked the premise, we're definitely looking to expand upon it. I hear you on the difficulty though. Towards the end of the Jam we adjusted a few of the elements: adjusting speeds for the military dude and the professor, decrease health, etc. It was tough to find a balance, so we stuck with the easy route. Hopefully in future installments the difficulty will be better.