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Thanks for playing! And for sure, I'll do my hest to make sure everything feels *just* right by the end.

Thanks! We plan to, just need to wrap up a few other things before we start in on full development.

Thank you! And you've got it ;]

Hey Abraxas, 

Thanks for the kind words! I totally understand where you're coming from with the selection staying selected. There is a key (I think it's shift?) that'll reselect what you selected. Hopefully that helps in the long run. I had it so it was set to stay but ultimately I took it out for reasons. Anyway, thanks for playing!

Not sure how refunds work with itch, but feel free to get cho money back. Either way, thanks for checking it out!

Hey Wolffangkiller,

Thanks for reaching out! Right now were working on getting things all wrapped up. Weve been a bit more quite as everytime we say the games close, something in our lives sets us back. We'll have an updated demo for steam next fest in the coming weeks, and a special trailer coming up too for a certain event.  After that, we'll be hard at work on video games, The Third Shift included!

Thanks again,


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Hey, thanks for playing! And I totally understand where youre coming from, I'll just say that without going too much into detail, the basic jist of the story is a man interpreting his own version of sedna and his family suffers because of it. The entity in the water isnt exactly Sedna per se (you can get an idea of who it is). But with all that said, I never want to use a culture's history and stories in a disrespectful way. With my games, I try to poke fun of the way american culture takes these storys and uses them as there own. I do something like that wih The Third Shift as well.

In the end, I always am looking to do better with representation in my games and the stories they tell. And I'm always happy to discuss this with folks and open up a dialogue. If I'm doing wrong, I'd like to know,  and I never want to upset anyone with the games I create.



Hey thanks for saying so, I really appreciate it! I hope it wont be too much longer for the final release, so thanks for waiting all this time 🙏 

Thanks for the kind and encouraging words GlassApexx!

Hey Yardbomb,

While I will say your message may come off as rude to some, I can tell that odds are you may be coming from a place of excitement for the game. I truly appreciate your patience.

Heres a list of things that have set us back:

-Family/Friends/Social life

-Full time job

-Solo development in spare time (This is just me with Julian helping with music and sound)

-Other projects (some behind the scenes and some not)

-Mental Health/physical health

-Scope Creep/ Perfectionist

In the end, I'm making this game for myself. I started it back in 2012, so ive been waiting a long time for this to come to a finish too. Believe me, if anyones upset about the amount of time that this game has taken, its me. I will surely never see my time compensated fully for the amount I put in this project, and to me thats perfectly fine. I dont make games for the money.

Have a good one.


At the moment, no. Development began as a smartphone app, but towards release we will implement a full screen option.

It should be fixed in the latest build Karl, thanks again for bringing that error to my attention. I hope your save is ok when you update.

ahh good find Karl, I missed that bit of steam code. Ill fix that right up, thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Hey there Karl,
I've updated the itch version with the steam code removed, let me know if it works ok for you! Thanks!


Hey Karl,

Lemme see if I can get this fixed for you here soon! Sorry for the trouble.


Ah, shucks. Well thanks for trying! Ill see if I can get it up and going here soon.

Hey there Kldolam,

Unfortunately Fishing Vacation wasnt made in GBstudio, so it isnt playable on the analogue or any emulators. Sorry about that!

Pumped for this one!

Hey Deepnight, thanks for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I feel you on the linearity of it, ill try and address that with the full version!


Hey Nigel, thanks!

I honestly don't know! I dont have a PS5 myself, I've only tested with an Xbox360 controller... but I hope it does work for you if you do try it out.


Hey there namonakimono!

I appreciate all your kind words, Im glad you like our brand of horror :)

For the quitting of the game, I can most definitely add a "quit game" option! I never even really thought about that haha but its something that should be in there for sure.

Thanks again, and we hope you keep enjoying our games!


Thanks for saying so! You'll have to ask Thom over at @manoghost for that!

Hey, thanks Dravis!

I'll be sure to look into the last bug when I get home from work. But for now, thanks for your help with this and your patience!

Thank you so much for the follow up!

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Thanks Dravis, I'll just revert back to v1.4 for now until I find out what the problem is.

Update: I think I've figured out the problem, if you could try 1.9 and let me know if that works for you I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks again!

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Hey! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're looking into fixing it right now!

Update: Turns out when I set everything up for controller I accidently took out certain keyboard controls. It should be good in v1.6, thank you again so much for letting us know!

We'll try and get it on there, for sure.

And Pylon Man loves you.

We'll be sure to add controller support for sure, thanks!

When the time comes, we'll be sure to consider it!

Thank you Suzu, fixing that right away!

Hey Tristan, thanks for the feedback! We have it so the Shift key retriggers the command at the moment. It acts as the select button, as well as the numpads selecting the commands too. But with that said it also might be best to just keep the selection toggled after using. We'll be sure to keep this in consideration for the final release if we go through with it.

Hey LHRPG, thanks for letting us know! We'll be sure to fix that up for sure.

Thanks, it was made in Gamemaker Studio.

Hey there Castigliones, thanks for writing in. Could you explain what you mean by spirit at the door? As for the text on the letter in the attic, do you mean that the text goes outside of the dialogue box when prompted to read or not read? Thank you for your time.

Uninvited was a big inspiration, and we love us some Enigma of Salazar House!

Thank you.

Hey Poils, thanks for saying so! We took a small break away from TTS for a bit, but now we're back at it. If all goes well, it should be this year! We'll keep things updated, thank you for inquiring :]


Hey Gingerayyle, thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you enjoyed it. 

I think you'll be satisfied with the final build of the game. We've now set it so the stamina replenishes a certain amount after a set period of time. Going forward with map layout and direction of later exhibits, we've made things more accessible and easier to gauge where to go, as well as gone back to the aquarium to make it a bit easier to navigate and find the pumps. (A dedicated map will also help alleviate this)

As for the Bertha fight, we've added a few bits of info to help figure it out what to do with her. So hopefully it'll be a little easier to understand what to do.

Thanks again for playing and letting us know what you think, it is very helpful!