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Cool game, keep up great work!

Thank you <3 I love the dark theme :)

I'd be happy to pay few bucks for Linux version :)

Have you consider Linux version? I'd love to play it!

Great work! :D

Wow, that's cool, I did not expect that :) This makes TIC one of the most compelling fantasy consoles.

Hi, could you export your game for Linux or HTML5? I'd love to play it. Consider adding link to your LDJAM submission page in settings (Edit Game > Ludum Dare submission URL ) Thanks :)

X11 License (MIT) is compatible with GPL so you can use it. I'm not sure about header files but I suppose you can do whatever you want with them as long as you keep oryginal copyright information.

I also think as long as you don't want to monetize it, releasing the source could be good idea :) I can confirm it does not work with wine