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Works fine, thank you :)

No problem :) XDG_DATA_HOME comes from XDG Base Directory Specification  - it's worth checking out. Yeah, recursive mkdir would do the trick but it would be confusing for users with locales different than English. Yeah, dot directories are hidden. On the other hand programs dumping their content in $HOME are pretty annoying, Simple soluton might be  „Open directory with schematics” button in game. 

Anyway, feel free to remove this thread from comments if you like. It got quit big and since bug will be fixed there's no reason to scare potential users :D

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Ok, that explanation helped me to figure it out. I tried to run DLS with strace. Here is relevant part of the output:

readlink("/proc/self/exe", "/home/teddy/Pobrane/DLS/DLS_x64_"..., 512) = 39      
mkdir("/home/teddy/Documents/DLS/", 0700) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
chdir("/home/teddy/Documents/DLS/")     = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
exit_group(-1)                          = ?

mkdir fails because I don't have Documents subdirectory (I'v got Polish
locale and it's ~/Dokumenty/ ony my system :D ). It's should be easy fix (temporary
workaround is to create ~/Documents directory manually).

Another thing is you implemented XDG spec incorrectly. If XDG_DATA_HOME is
not set or empty (usually it is) you should use $HOME/.local/share This way
you won't clutter user's home/Documents directory :) I suppose this is the best solution since it does not depend on system locale.

I don't have dls.log anywhere in my home directory (find . -type f -iname '*dls.log*' -> no output).

I tried to run game with GDB but I doubt log will be useful without debug binary.

I don't see any log, at least not in game directory. Are logs stored somewhere else? I tried to run it on other pc (also Ubuntu 18.04) and I'v got error:

SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)

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Newest release is broken on Linux. It exits immediately with 255 exit code.

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and on Void Linux.

Fixed in newest release

+1 from me. I'd love to play this

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Cool game, keep up great work!

Thank you <3 I love the dark theme :)

I'd be happy to pay few bucks for Linux version :)

Have you consider Linux version? I'd love to play it!

Great work! :D

Wow, that's cool, I did not expect that :) This makes TIC one of the most compelling fantasy consoles.

Hi, could you export your game for Linux or HTML5? I'd love to play it. Consider adding link to your LDJAM submission page in settings (Edit Game > Ludum Dare submission URL ) Thanks :)

X11 License (MIT) is compatible with GPL so you can use it. I'm not sure about header files but I suppose you can do whatever you want with them as long as you keep oryginal copyright information.

I also think as long as you don't want to monetize it, releasing the source could be good idea :) I can confirm it does not work with wine