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fun game. 69/10 :P

Ahh, cool. I'll try it out again :)

The game doesn't work, only the survival part works for me. The settings don't work as well.

A hard and fun game :P

You are welcome... I had a good laugh playing it :)

Needs a lot of fixes but the bugs/glitches are funny LOL

Brought back memories of my childhood, had a blast playing it. :)

I am having a glitch where the jet pack recharges real slow. You can watch it in my video, it takes about 2 or 3 whole minutes for it to recharge. Would be helpful if you can get it to work. I'll play it a bit more and let you know if I can find out what is causing that glitch.

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Good game, needs a little fixes but enjoying making stuff. Also it would be great if you can make a tutorial so we know how to game and what is there in it :P

One of the best games I found on itch. :) Keep up the great work. Here are few thing I personally want to see in this game:
-Sound effects
-improving combat system
-some indication to where the enemies are.

Ya, I did say those in the description I found out about the leader board and grenades while I was rendering. LOL

This is a fun game but I think you can update it with some more elements in the map and maybe a bigger map to explore. :)

Fun game, needs a few changes and fixes but it is really good. Keep up the good work dev/s :)

The game although small is fun for a while and it relieved me of some stress that I collected all day :) good game, and I wish this game updates more and gets a lot more elements.