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Needs a lot of fixes but the bugs/glitches are funny LOL

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Hey man, I appreciate you not only checking the game out and leaving a comment, but also doing a video. I can't express to you how happy that makes me that it achieved it's goal of being a little funny and a little entertaining, loved the video

It was made for the 4 Hour Game Jam, so that left little room for polish and bugfixing :( But now that the jam is over, I think ill revisit it and make it at least winnable

I had faith that the Unity Engine would be able to handle the load without much in the way of optimization techniques, but I was wrong. So I'll need to look into some other way of managing the resources.

Again thank you for the view, download, comment, and youtube video :) absolutely made my day




You are welcome... I had a good laugh playing it :)