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Thank you so much, sorry if it was a bother!!

This was answered, in Burry's kitchen pay close attention to the oven glass as you progress!

Sorry to be a bother but has anyone figured out how to get too many secrets from Alon? It's the last thing on my to do list, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

You can't just tease me with Grank like this without a scene Shirokoi! Gaaah~!! Other than that great game!!

I actually got it after the 100 days mark not too long after I posted this XD, but now I have a reason to try an see what the capture route with him looks like. Thank though so much for takin time to reply!

You can deal damage to him with bombs, after that it should drop the essence. If not, go to preferences on the menu and look for resources for it.

Does anyone when you can do the new scene with Scrapes? I redid the hiding him from the rat king and on day 90, please help.

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Hint: What was a item used to read a book in the dark before there was lights?

For me its definitely a split between Hector and Aaron, bears tend to be the best boys for me XD

Anyone knows how to activate 'Caleb: Welcoming message'? I have high points with him and not sure how to access glory scenes.

Oh ok, I'll give that a try! Thank you!

Does anyone know the amount of 'Bitch' fame is needed for Everett's variant of riding him?

It does, seems I got to it just in time. X3

Probably don't remember me but I want to say thank you for uploading this file again!!
My last computer died on  me so lost all my stuff since last month, once again thank you so much!

I'm sorry to be a bother, but where is the warehouse? Not sure where to go for that one

After ya finish the infiltration quest in the bandit camp and get whichever of the two endings, a forest up north on the map should appear. Look there till ya eventually get it


Yoo~, I'm all in for this new story content! Always a fan for the transported to furry world, can't wait for next update dude!

Thank you both so much, seems like I'll have to replay the beginning but its for the content!!!!

Anyone know how to get hearts for Bernard? I'm at 52 like points with him and still no luck.

Sorry to bother, but where exactly can you find werewolf Bernard if you lie to him? Also does anyone know where to find the fishing village?

Yooo~ dude, please tell me you're continuing this game. Had a freaking blast with it!

Okay when you get to the bridge, choose "Look for another way around." That should lead you to the cave in order to get the glowshrooms then go to Lizardmen temple n talk to Ortha for the amulet.

Do you have the glowshrooms you get when you go to the Cave by the bridge? You should be able to talk to Othra and have her make the amulet.

One is by the swamp
One in the lake near the forest
lastly on should be there at night near the lizardmen temple. 
As for underground chat with Priestess after this I think.

You have no idea how hard I laughed when I saw a jojo reference in this build! X

Oh wow, Thank you so much!!

Does anyone know where the last Acolyte is? I can't seem to find her. I found the one in the swamp and forest areas. Please help!

Sooo about this game...I'm in love with the art style and characters and desire more~!!!!

Sorry to hear about your illness, hope you feel better soon !!!

Gotta say dude this game was hella fun! Though I wish I got more of time with Hugo but hopefully that'll happen in future updates, anyway I wish ya luck and hope you continue with this!

(Seriously more Hugo will be most appreciated~!)