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Ted Bushman

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Have you ever wanted to play a TTRPG about going on a midwinter family roadtrip in the aftermath of an alien invasion? The Last Caravan is an in-development tabletop roleplaying game about exactly that, designed by Ted Bushman. You could call it Little Miss Sunshine meets War of the Worlds. This quickstart will give you all the rules, lore, and info you need to play several sessions! Just add players!

Get it for free here:

The Last Caravan will start a kickstarter campaign on June 6th, 2023. You can follow the campaign here, or learn more about our development at our website!

In this cozy, melancholy post-apocalypse, the aliens came less than a year ago. The war lasted two months, but nobody won. Now, with an alien army rising from the ashes of war, you will have to make a dangerous journey across a shattered North America in search of a new home.

You are normal people finding heroism in extraordinary circumstances. You will explore transformed landscapes, search abandoned towns, discover otherworldly technology, negotiate with newly-formed factions, outrun alien pursuers, and — and all you’ve got is a car, your fellow travelers, and the road.

Like many people, I just received a key for Tenderfoot Tactics as part of the Support Ukraine bundle, and going down through the enormous list I found your game. I was struck by how ambitious and enormous a project you've made! It reminds me of Kenshi. 

I have only been able to play a little so far but I've enjoyed it. The tactics seem deep and exciting, the world vast and interesting, and the evoked world feels meaningful and deep. I'm excited to come back for more. Thank you for supporting Ukraine and for this wonderful creation!