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Ok, thanks

Hi, sorry, It do not loading, throwing this

Hello everyone, I want to thank those who played and tried my first published video game and I want to inform you that I will no longer continue the development of Teenage Detectives Team.

Since I made it evolve to Deadly Devourer, which has better features and game mechanics.

Please feel free to download and test it.

SCI FI Action RPG Erotic Game, with dating simulation, social life and sexual activity

Deadly Devorer is a science fiction Action RPG video game with erotic and sexual overtones, forget about turn-based combat, carry your items in your backpack, equip weapons and armor for you and your group of companions, perform tasks and unravel the mystery that threatens the inhabitants of the county, it has different features and mini games for your fun.

Deadly Devourer 0.2.0

Download now and Test it

Muchas gracias por haber probado el video juego, esperemos la siguiente actualización sea de mayor agrado :)

Hi Keiled, Thanks for playing the video game, and no, the project is still on, I'm working on it, I made a lot of changes within the game, I added new characters, new maps already explorable, NPCs with time schedules, and I am currently working In the battle system, it will be for shots and melee weapons, instead of the turn mode that the RPG manufacturer has, I hope to publish the new version in the middle of October.

Unfortunately I work alone most of the project, and because I dedicate time to development, I have not uploaded any information about the progress, just as thanks to Godaddy my websites were destroyed, I will have to work on them again.

I really appreciate your interest and you give me more encouragement to hurry to complete the game, thank you very much.

That will be greate, I hope check it soon :D

Hi, I like your Work, you're a greate artist, I wonder if you got  a lighter zippo and a lock picks icons ?

Hi, actually, I am working to have a version for Android, I hope get it ready for the next release

Hi, sorry by my late answer, I will post it, in zip files from now, Keep pending for future updates.


:D Thanks a Lot, you'r the best !

Hi Vexed, I bought the pack yesterday, but I did it on Steam, could you please add the Killers Downed sprites too on Steam, I love your work, and I am very excited using it on my RPG Maker MV Game, thanks a lot, my best regards :D