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I'm sorry to hear about the loss, but I'm glad to hear about your baby! Look forward to this, Libra :)

I will see what I can do! Originally I planned to introduce an alternate item/weapon where you throw the hat instead of swing it, but I never got to implementing, specifically for cases like this where it can bring you into the danger zone to hit them. However, I can definitely look at increasing the distance out of the hat swing. And then possibly implementing the hat boomerang idea, too.

Thanks again! :)

Thanks Twisted!

So for the boss, he's always vulnerable (his head), so it's basically about swooping in and hitting whenever you can. Is there any way I can improve it at all, do you think? It was my first time making a boss hahaha.

:O That could be. I am indeed using the AudioStreamPlayer2D. I'll try it out and see if that fixes it. Thanks Twisted! :D

Thanks Mitzi! I couldn't figure out why the audio only played through one speaker, as well. I'm not entirely sure how Godot handles that, as the audio file itself plays through both speakers.

For clarification on the boss, do you mean the window to attack was hard to find, or that it was hard to find challenging?

Thanks again for playing and all of the suggestions! :D

'A' key isn't working for you? I'll update description to specify that A is the primary key.

Had to fix bugs so it's now re-uploaded with those fixes.

bing boing
gell ya life!

A... a gelli with the jam? I guess lol

probably just Windows 10 not liking RM2K3 lol

(2 edits)

The game looks interesting. I was a bit confused on the archive file, though thankfully 7zip came to my rescue. I've never heard of an .lzh file extension before.

EDIT: At the title screen, it doesn't appear to respond to my keyboard (both USB and laptop).

EDITEDIT: Installed Rm2k3 from Steam and opened it that way, it runs properly through that. I'm sorry I'm being a pain!

Not a bad project! I think my only complaint is being forced to restart from the beginning after losing all your lives, as I did find the first level with the double-jump challenging.

It's easy to over-estimate or under-estimate the double jump. With enough practice I'm sure I could get it, but the only level to practice on is a very dangerous level.

I look forward to seeing more stuff from you though! :)

Thank you very much! Yeah, I apologize for it being so short. It was something I put together over the month of November, but with limited time. I intended to have a full quest available but that was as far as I had got.

I don't know if this project will receive any updates, however I will likely use this engine and build on an original IP.

Thank you again for playing it and providing the constructive criticisms! I will keep the key configurations in mind on my next project! :D