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This is awesome! Thank you so, so much for taking the time to check out my game 8) - Please subscribe & turn on notifications for Matt's channel!

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Looks like a Steamdeck with mouse combo will be the most efficient input combo to get enough bonuses to start bouncing around for as long as possible. 

The Steamdeck touchscreen CAN work, but it is not as fast as the right trackpad or using the Dualshock 4's touchpad and its button. The analog sticks and triggers are not a good combo for score chasing. 

3min Matcha is my latest released game, where everything you see, hear, and interact with was made by 1 person. 

The game is set to Pay what you want:

----Theme and design goals of making the game:

I aimed to have it be a 1990s looking PC game, restricting the color palette, RAM used, and drive space used. Japanese matcha tea is one of my favorite drinks to make and drink, and I thought it would make for some really chill vibes with a strict time limited match 3 game. The sound effects fit this as well. The music is more modern but overall still providing creative vibes.  You can listen or download the album from your favorite provider listed here:

If you select the credits button on the title screen, you can see some of my hand drawn designs while I was working through the design treatment for it. If you make the high scores (local only), the lucky golden egg provides you a random piece of advice, wisdom, or sarcasm (in English). 

I worked hard on this game from prototype form over several years in what little spare time I could muster with a full time job, 7 children (all mostly grown now) and 4 grandkids. I started on the soundtrack near or after I released my other game on, LOOTRONS 1982. 

It is pretty amazing playing 3min Matcha on a Steamdeck too! That initially has its own challenges, but Valve and the communities working on everything has smoothed it out this year for PC executables. 

I look forward seeing how you all play the game! It would be cool to see screenshots of your highscores and if you rate or comment that would be a sweet bonus. :)

---- Some about the creator:

My career has consisted of being in the game industry doing QA Testing, Tech Support, or Game Design while at Electronic Arts, Perfect World/Cryptic/Runic and then 5th Planet Games. I have also been in the Entertainment, Amusements/Arcade, Preventative Maintenance and Reliability Industries. I enjoy designing, drawing, composing, inventing and more!

I am curious what you played the game on, and how high of a score that you got! :)

Please upload screenshots and details about the story, theme, design?

Thank you! I really appreciate you checking it out! 8)

Would be great to see a game inspired by the SEGA CD - Dragon Force or Turbo-GrafX16 - Military Madness style game made. Fun example!

Really enjoy the creativity and work you have put into this for your users! Have a Sagacious New Year! 8)

I am having the same input lag, even with lower settings.

We appreciate all of your hard work and effort you have put into this, plus making it so easy to use. :)

Excellent! Looking forward to it! :)

Thank you for this fun and easy to use tool! Thanks for making so many helpful and inspiring tools!


Any chance you could add some modes for creating/randomizing crates, tiles, gemstones? (Help for match 3, other puzzle games, platformers, crafting type games.)

Could you add a mode for creating/randomizing starships/spaceships/aeronautic vehicles? (For overhead shooters, RTSes, tower defense, board games, etc.)

Your ROM works great! Had fun playing it with the retro-bit 6-button Genesis controller! :)

Probably not anytime soon. With Holidays, work, kids, and trying to finish up other projects, I may leave this game as is for awhile again. Thank you for inspiring me to dig into old builds and tinker with settings! It inspired me a bunch 8)

Reload the game, let me know what you think! Read the updates 8)

Understood. I will see if I can get it to work with Flash this weekend or next. :)
In the mean time, maybe try using re-mapping software (for the keyboard, like Joy2Key) to remap the arrow keys to WASD or a controller?

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I will see if I can find and update the old build and implement it. I will see about updating the Flash version and PC version too. Please see if the PC version has ok support for reassignment or dual analog stick support ( Support/Download the game link)