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It's a little open-ended, I was kind of half asleep when I came up with the idea for this. I might make something a bit more concrete and expand the story and world I have in my head, but it's hard to say right now... Thank you for playing!

Thank you very much! Will change that right away.

Thank you!

Im late! but I still am planning on getting something out

Okay! Thank you very much!

Hello! I am making a somewhat story-driven game (as far as there IS a story) and was curious about cutscenes. Usually in RPG Maker (MV!) I make a cutscene by adding an extra map with all of the eventing I need to have, and seamlessly transitioning between the cutscene and the actual game map. I was just curious if that would be allowed, since there's still only one map that play takes place on, or if I would need to find another way of conveying my story. Thanks!