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Get into the habit of typing ' more often at the very least. Try to type properly as often as you can (even here, it's*, galley*, no one cares if you make these mistakes outside of the game, but it will help you in your projects). If you turn it into a habit, you won't ever skip them even if you type fast. The mistakes do matter especially on the sexual parts or when you try to get people immersed. I guess you can also try to take typing exercises but you don't need to, I doubted them at first but they did work for me.

It's common for devs to make spelling mistakes though, even triple A games do it, and you made a few which is just as much as other devs, I think there has only been one game I played on without a single spelling mistake. Even if you try very hard, I'll probably tell you again about your spelling mistakes when I come back, I just hope you can at least fix them on the final release.

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This game is so much better and it has much better writing. The survival mechanics are fun, you may have to grind a bit but I like to grind. The characters do things that are pretty sexy and have sexy personality traits too. I think the dream sequences are a pretty good idea, and I love how you can have different paths in Anna's life, it sounds very fun


I find it funny how Veronica is so entitled she would rather starve in her cave and stay there all the time, expecting someone to willingly come in the cave and give them their own blood.

To leave the gallery you have to open the menu and press gallery, I wish there was a button in the gallery or that the game told you this is how you leave.

I find it more sexy when you say people pass out after sex instead of saying they fell asleep

I hope that as you progress or get better tools, the game makes resources more abundant just so you can more easily get more water, food, or torches(if buffed). Maybe it already does that but I didn't pay attention


- The feature to change the zoom level doesn't let you see the corners of the level. I hope it can be fixed because it's a great feature

- If you save after consuming the torch, if you load the save the torch won't be active. It also feels very useless since it runs out very quickly

- The game should try to not penalize you for passing out due to hunger or thirst right after a cutscene or a timeskip that's done by the game (not a player). Passing out can make the dialogue confusing and sometimes I am afraid I could break the game or skip some dialogue. Grinding water and food just so you are generous about feeding yourself helps though

-I like how the dev knows that the ui can block things on the screen, there's a button to quickly hide the ui. However, I think it's better to avoid having items and paths be blocked (as long as it's possible). I am not sure if that's possible or what difficulties there could be to make this happen. The button is not available on mobile.

-The wolves can get you stuck on a fight loop that's difficult to get out of. Some of the wolves don't disappear after you fight them too

- If you leave the house upstairs, and then avoid going down and instead walk into the roof, you can noclip on top of the house. You may only be able to do this with touch controls.

- After fucking any of the girls in the futa path (except Sam), it says that the update is over and it takes you back to the main menu. You always have to load the save to get the other girl. It's also a bad idea to do this in case a player wants to explore or open the gallery after finishing the game.

- I guess Veronica is not in her room on the futa path?

Bad writing

- After finding the artifacts in the first ruins "*Touches statue of the god of mischief*" Why do we know that's the statue of the god of mischief if no one told us it was beforehand? Did she know? I believe it would be better to describe the statue first, and then say for example "touches the statue of the creep with a weird mustache" or "touches the unknown statue"

- When you give Emmily a pink dress, her response is basically "great! Now I have one more dress to wear!". I talked to her and I saw her wearing the dress. My next thought soon after was "wait, that's it?". I think there's many options on what can be added there, like more dialogue in that scene, having more dialogue when you choose to talk to her instead of being told to improve your relationship (I was hoping for that), more quests based on relationship level, pictures of her in the dress, sex scenes, etc. I don't know if this is how I unlocked actions, that's probably good

- After giving Veronica artificial blood and asking her if she will drink Anna's blood, Veronica says "I will not but that only depends on how you can satisfy me before that don't you think that you deserve a reward?". There's no commas or pauses, it's very wordy

- Scenes where everyone says the exact same dialogue are pretty cheap (such as, when Sorcata, Emmily, and Veronica meet, it says that the girls say "hello!"). There doesn't have to be a lot of dialogue or a presentation, just having Veronica say hi would be better.

Spelling mistakes

there's many cases where an ' is not added, I am not gonna report every instance

- During the intro while riding the plane "Ok then lets go, and see what this ruins have to offer!" let's go / these*

- When entering the ruins for the first time, at the start of the game "Wow, this place is huge! I should becareful of any dangers inside the ruins!" be careful

- When you enter the first ruins and find the artifact "Ok, here we are, this look like the artifacts, now then let's take them back for research" these*

- Right before being transported to a new world, the goddess of love says "lossing" instead of "losing" (srry I skipped it by accident)

- After being transported and leaving the beach "I'm out of the beach! Now lets look for a place to make camp, prefably near a river!" let's/preferably*

- (Futa path) after fucking Emmily with your horsecock at night for the first time, Anna says "I geuss my new cock is a good thing!" guess*

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This game is pretty good, and the plot is pretty good. It seems like in this world everyone is obsessed with spanking lol

I really like when a princess is in this situation

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I just use but I make it so it only shows me android games.

I guess Newgrounds also works, but not perfectly.

I also use Google to find forums of people suggesting games, since that's how I tend to find really good and finished games. You can also follow groups on social media sites, look into hashtags, or follow people that share these games.

There's many games that are pc only but can be played on mobile if you used Joiplay. If you have a computer but want to play on a portable device, you can use steamlink to remotely control your computer and play a computer game (tip: PC and Phone should be closed to the router for best performance. You can also just buy a cheap router that you can carry anywhere and both your pc and phone can connect to)

You can find some mobile games on my collections on my profile.

Edit: If you google search "android porn games" you will find some websites. Don't knock them until you try them

I like how last time I looked at this game, some of the goals for the patreon were not met, and today I looked at the patreon and every single goal has been met

That's pretty cool

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same TwT aaaaaaaaa I miss the girls, I told myself I would only play it again once an update is released

I am very eager to play it on my laptop [Instead of my phone]. I also wanted to keep track of spelling mistakes and other things this time

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I looked at the devlog you posted recently (before posting the comment) and it was a good sign

I try to play games when they are finished, or are far in the development, so I won't look at it right now but I'll probably look at it once you had made a lot of progress. It's also hard to provide feedback that early in game development

I hope you don't take it too harshly, I did finish the entire game after all, so it's not "that" bad, unlike other games. I don't regret playing. You have a lot of creativity and dedication, I just found a lot of problems and bugs and other things. When it comes to animation and character design, I would say it's pretty good, can't complain

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I think you are supposed to go to the house below you. There's not enough context on what part of the game you are at

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This game has some very good ideas going on. It's a game made with a lot of time and dedication, with big time constraints. It's a full fledged game too. Despite of this, this game has a lot of problems that would take too much time to list them all, and it's hard to point them out because I am no expert. I think polishing the game and trying to learn from other media could really help. I'll try to list some of the problems I found

-Black and thin horizontal and vertical lines on the mobile version only (Pixel 6). Makes it hard to see

-Porn scenes don't loop. You barely have time to reach for it. The game does provide longer scenes later on but they still don't loop

-The game doesn't stop you from skipping ahead in the story. The right way to play this game is by strictly following instructions, you only deviate if you want to get a chest or crystal in that same level. I also found ways to cheat my way out of money requirements

-(Unsure) Porn scenes were very slow on pc, on my potato they ran 1 frame a second making it almost impossible to progress. Opening the video file outside of the game ran fine though. On my Pixel 6 I had no issues. My computer is a potato so my experience may not be a good example

-Using running as default moving speed. This means running feels like walking. Walking feels VERY slow. For some reason this is fixed later in the game, instead of in the beginning, and you are given an item to change your movement speed.

More things, vague

- The writing is just bad

- The plot tends to take sharp and unexpected turns out of the blue. Reminds me of sex kitten (a parody porn game).

- The plot and writing quality does get better during the final chapters, even if the problems were still there.

-Letters in the levels are too small and barely readable, on mobile at least.

I would probably love this game if it embraced the ridiculous and funny nature of the plot and dialogue. Especially because at the end it feels more coherent and mature despite still being ridiculous.

Maybe the game does embrace it, but it has to be less subtle for me to love it

Despite of this, I did like the game, the ideas were what really motivated me to finish it. I hope to see more games from this developer, hopefully with a better product.

This is a bad game worth playing, especially if you like ridiculous themes. The game was 3 hours long, may be 2 hours if you skip things. Try to save in a way that if you come back you know what to do

Edit:: If I ever make an rpg maker game, I want to make something as ridiculous and flawed as this, with a plot that goes to many places and many sudden things happen, and then make a bunch of good game just to take them go back to that game and make it again but make it good this time. Technically, if I ever make a game, this game would be an inspiration, because I can't deny writing a ridiculous plot is still fun.

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sex scenes are so slow on my potato that I can't even go to the next scene or skip them

It's odd because I can still watch the videos directly from the game files and it will run perflectly fine. I may have to just replace the files with 1 sec video or something.

I am looking forward for more games, I'll see if I can properly go through the first sex scene [goon blowjob] or just skip it. Maybe I should just play it on my phone, it really ruins the experience to just skip them, and then open the file outside of the game.

Edit:: Tried the game on phone, game looks extremely bad on Pixel 6 with GrapheneOS. There's thin black horizontal and vertical lines everywhere, but it's still playable. The objects and lights are also too small and hard to see since phone screens are smaller than computers (or maybe it's because of the black lines). Touch path tracking is not always accurate but it's not the first game with that problem. Stretching the game can get you stuck since you won't be able to unstretch, and when stretched a big part of the screen is not accessible.

What the fuck.

It could be, I don't use the launcher because my device is low end

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Empty? .-. How did that happen?

I mean, I guess here's my entire game folder instead. I already pressed the delete all saved files button. Maybe I should try redownloading it, because if redownloading it doesn't fix the issue then nothing will on my end.

edit: I didn't link the game folder, lol

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I don't have other save issues, this is the only one. I tried giving read and write permissions to everyone in this folder and that didn't work

Try my save file.

I uploaded the whole game folder if you want access to it

Edit: I do get the "Play Nekogotchi" ad after getting the true ending btw

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If something bad happens you'll only receive forgiveness and avoid a lawsuit if you release a free tentacle civil war dlc and mcnuggies for all

Consider this a legal threat, I want my nuggies.

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Native Linux, on Arch Linux XFCE.

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I got the real ending and ending c, but when I interact with the statue and select the lock, all of them are still locked. I am confused now

I am playing on Linux, I can try playing in Android or Windows if this is a Linux only issue

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I hope the emulators will work out for you, they can be heavy on a computer but they had improved significantly over the years. The only two I had tried are Bluestacks and Androidx86

I have a desktop computer, but I personally I prefer to play on mobile because it's more comfy, private, and accessible. I also prefer to lie down when I am "gaming", even if most of the time I find issues [reduced quality for mobile performance, game breaking bugs, phone overheating, faster battery drain, lag, crashes, fixing bugs, configuring steamlink, really bad controls, weird quality issues, less storage, etc. I am starting to think I am a masochist...]

I have a laptop now though, that's much better :D. Previously I only had a desktop computer

I think some people can't afford them in some countries. Personally I don't want to buy another laptop, I spent like a whole month worth of my income into building a new desktop pc

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They are not against it because they want to provide an android version for tentacle locker 2 [no promises]. There's also a lot of free porn games available for mobile, see my profile [Also many browser games work on mobile], I don't think most devs would be against it just to protect the kids

The reason they haven't made a mobile version is because they don't have an android phone to test with. They said this in a comment made 5 months ago in another game.

Note: I deleted the whole original comment because it was too long and unnecessary now that I know why instead of theorizing

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Yeah I guess, I don't really think about it too much.

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That's understandable

Who knows, maybe my laptop is too old and bad to run it. It's a decade old laptop.

I can still get it to work on SteamLink, on Windows, so I can still enjoy the game on mobile

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I banned him because he hurts my feelings

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I wonder if anyone had any luck running this on Linux with Wine or Lutris? I get an error message on Wine when I do, the error doesn't really make sense. I guess the game opens, but I only get the window and it's borders, the contents of the window is just a mirror of what's behind it. No black screen or game.

I was able to install directx though. I don't get that error. I only get the DirectX error on Lutris.

I know one person did submit this game to the website, but there's no installation file or instructions.

I hope I won't have these issues while trying other games. It's my first time using Wine and Lutris, and I only hear of people using it for popular games, not indie games

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Found the save file, I was able to reset my progress and start over by deleting the registry key found at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HotPink and Annue

To open the registry, press Windows key + r, then type regedit

You will see a directory bar at the top. Just copy and paste "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HotPink and Annue" without the quote and you should be good to go (note: You may have to replace "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" with something else if you don't find it there. I am guessing most people will find it there). You can follow similar steps for any unity game

After that, on the left side bar right click "HotPink and Annue" and click Delete.

It will be different on Mac, I can't help you there

Disclaimer: This should be safe, but I advise against using the registry editor for other reasons since it could damage your machine. If you do any registry changes, you better know what you are doing (and no, deleting unused registry keys is not going to free you space or make your pc faster. It's pointless. Trust me I have a 10 year old rotten potato laptop that struggles to run Windows 10, and a Windows tablet that I was basically scammed out of buying).

This should also be very useful if you are experiencing any bugs or issues. It may fix it.

Are most people here old enough lol?

I have a feeling a bunch of kids got exposed to this when it gained popularity

Sounds interesting!

classic rpg maker

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tap the screen with two fingers at the same time instead

This is a problem that can happen with many apps and devices, and the solutions will vary. Usually it will have something to do with cutout settings or disabling full screen, but sometimes that doesn't work

Tapping the screen with two fingers at the same time works on most mobile rpg maker games, even if it's less convenient. This is also how you open the menu

I also want a full save but this time but only because I uninstalled the game on my phone a couple of days ago. I would had made a backup if I was on pc

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I vaguely remember you have to buy it with coins that you can find in-game, maybe they are hidden. It's been almost a year since I played.
On the top right of the town there should be a big building, you can spend those coins somewhere in that building. After you buy it, you should be able to access it by going to the book that's in front of the entrance [I guess there's more than one book, try them all]

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What do you have planned for later updates? [If you have any planned]

I haven't tried the game at all yet lol

literally just installed linux today, good timing

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I literally just uninstalled the game that was already fully completed just a few days ago T_T

I remember the duel, but I have no idea what you are talking about because I don't remember. If it's that minigame where you have to fight many shadows of her, I think I did beat that? I am not sure, I am only sure I completed the game, it might be more difficult in smaller phones and such [I have a big phone with very high resolution and a very good cpu, it's not a tablet.]. It's hard to give advice since I don't remember


THANK YOU! It should be playable through SteamLink for me now!

I had been using this application to forcefully change the screen size, and it's very buggy. This update is  b l e s s e d.

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I once found a very good port for the mobile version on the play store, except it was censored (it has long since been removed)

I hope that if the dev doesn't, someone else can make a port and the dev can approve it

I would love to play Tentacle Locker 2 though

Do not cum.

Do not cum.

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This game is so good. I'll play again when the full version comes out

The death animations are really good, the puzzles are creative and don't feel repetitive, it's the right amount of challenging, and it's very good. The animations are diverse, this game covers a lot of fetishes and positions one may be into.

Somehow you had also managed to create horror in a game of this genre? That's impressive. There's parts of the game where you feel tense, and some people can get jumpscared by sound effects. It has great atmosphere and quality. I don't know how you did it, but you did it.

I was able to finish the game. I finished wanting more scenes and animations with many characters. Especially the librarian, the retsis, and the final boss. I was not into the animations of the retsis, even though I have a thing for tsecni. That's just personal preference though.

I wish there were animations for thighjobs (rubbing dick between thighs), armpitjobs, or handjobs. I also wish there were more animations for footjobs or that at least the one in the game had more... diversity I guess? More movement or rubbing. I liked the footjob animation, but I was not satisfied with it

I hope that a way to cheat can be added in the future, maybe once you beat the game. This would make it easier to go through the game again if you are trying to look for something (the gallery is very helpful though)

This game is 10/10, and I am glad that it has come this far.

Note to clarify: Wanting more is not a bad thing. It's a very good game and I loved it as it is

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needs headpats

This is the best game made by Pinktea, and it's among the best porn games I had played on this website. There's huge improvements on part 2 compared to part 1, the character designs and clothing is so much better, there's so many sexual fantasies covered on this one, and the art style has also improved. To me, the art style improvement is my favorite among all improvements done compared to part 1, it's just so much better and it feels a lot more high quality. The dialogue has also improved greatly, it's so much sexier than last time. I want to clap for the great work that has been done for this game, and even during chapter 2 I couldn't wait to share how much I appreciate this game.

A very important improvement is that part 2 is something I feel like I can recommend to anyone, even those who don't have a strong interest for bdsm. It covers a wider arrange of sexual fetishes and things that people are likely to enjoy. Part 1 is something I felt like people can't enjoy if they are not interested in BDSM. Part 1 is still better in the sense that I found it to be a lot more dark and cruel, it's sadistic and that's something I loved about it. If sadistic bdsm is right up your alley, I highly recommend part 1 because that's where part 1 excels at. I have yet to fully explore part 2 though. There are other things that part 1 does very good that you can't find in part 2, but it's hard to put into words or compare.

You should consider releasing a paid expansion to this game, even if small. This is the kind of work I wish you were directly profitting off. Maybe more seraphine and faye.

Surprisingly, not a single mistake in the dialogue, not even a small misspelling. Most games I played, especially the longer games have at least one small mistake. (aside from the lack of headpats. I want to headpat all of the girls)

I don't know what everything means and what everything does

I don't know what it means to rise shinobi or to recruit them, or how does it help. Or how does having more shinobi help or how the levels help

Everything else, I can understand.