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Thanks for playing. Glad you like it.

What a mesmerizing game! Very creative take.

Can't seem to move with WAS

fixed my relationship with my wife 10/10

Kind of depressing

Fun game! I like the variety of minigames.

It was short and fun, but sometimes it felt impossible to win due to the randomness. I used a strategy of just sitting by a hole and rolling until I got the number I was looking for.

Cool game, but had some trouble with the controls as my mouse to fly to my second monitor and the dice would get stuck to my cursor in game.

Game is kind of tough but creative.

I like the simplicity of the controls and gameplay. I did notice some bugs like being able to stick to the side edges of the platform, but overall it was a neat take on the theme. 

Cute game, I like the aesthetic. 

Game is a lot of fun. Love the different weapons.

Game is a lot of fun. Love the different weapons.

Thanks for checking out the game. Glad you like it!