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I still don't get it

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What do i have to do with the 44.1, -… (after i invoke Her)?

And is there something else in the 2 other realms apart the name and the command?

Thanks a lot!

I'm following the story through the console, and i reached a point when Duncan is talking about strange noises and coordinates. What do i have to do next? What are the coordinates he's talking about? And can you give me a hint about the three unknown realms (except for the Palace)?

And what game engine are you using (if you use any)?

I have seen screenshots where the player can choose the fight mode. How can I do that?


P.S. In what language are you developing this game?

Could you please add a single player mode AND a network multiplayer mode? Also, it would be nice if there were other weapons (e.g sticks, duelling swords, knifes, shurikens, etc). I love this game!