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Spellrazor - a haunted arcade game from 1981 · By Fluttermind

Sounds, noises… I'm stuck!

A topic by techCF created Feb 26, 2016 Views: 357 Replies: 2
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I'm following the story through the console, and i reached a point when Duncan is talking about strange noises and coordinates. What do i have to do next? What are the coordinates he's talking about? And can you give me a hint about the three unknown realms (except for the Palace)?

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First of all: on the level where you see the hint about the noises, be sure to go EVERYWHERE, and then note where you hear the noises. You've been given tools/commands to find out this information. Exactly what you do with this location, and how to use the information you get is given by the console hints, as usual. This will unlock a majority of the rest of the game.


Thanks a lot!