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I had a lot of fun playing this! I made it to Ultimate Bounce before giving up. The levels were very well designed and the concept is really good. I did find myself getting frustrated at several places, but the levels were short enough that it fueled me to keep going. After seeing Ultimate Bounce, it seemed too long for me to continue.

I also found myself often missing my timing because I had trouble creating a number of bullets then switching to the platforming. I would try to create five bullets, but then the first bullet hit before I could move the platypus. I really liked how quick it was to restart, but it sometimes felt a little frustrating waiting for the bullets to get across the screen before I could start the platforming; the waiting killed the pace. That being said, I can't think of a different way to do it.

This is a neat concept and really well implemented. Well done!


I really enjoyed playing this. Like others have said, the Morse code as input makes it a different platforming experience. Many people have mention how slow paced it is; I actually enjoyed it being slower as it gave me time to figure out the controls. I also liked how you used the same input for navigating the menu.

One issue I have is that once I got comfortable with the controls, the levels are way to easy. I played through them a second time and noticed that there are few places for me to fall into the spikes if I mess up. Most of the time, the rover will move into the wall and just stop; the gaps aren't big enough to fall into. I also noticed that if I jump too late, the rover will jump in the air and get to the next platform anyways.

Thanks for making this!


I really enjoyed the game! It is a simple concept and well executed. I had some trouble with the jumping; I think that occasionally when landing the player character bounces which prevented me from jumping again in quick succession. I would have liked to have seen more levels and an ending screen as well as a key shortcut to restart levels. Despite that, I had a lot of fun playing it. Good job!


Thanks for the feedback! I enjoyed seeing the ball zooming off or bouncing around, so I decided to keep it even when winning. Sorry about the confusing third level. I saw the behavior and thought to myself that I could turn it into a mechanic/level. I only used it in the one level, but because it was one of the easier levels, it ended up at the beginning; I hadn't considered people would think the game is completely broken. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing and giving it a second chance!


Thanks for the feedback! You can use page up and page down to pass difficult levels. I'm sorry we didn't make that clear. Thanks for playing!