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Hey there! It's a PCVR title, so you can just downlaod, unzip the file you get, and launch it while SteamVR is running !

I think you need to have SteamVR installed to run the game, this seems like the likeliest cause!

Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it :D

Oh oops sorry! Will also make this more prominently visible!

What headset are you using? You need to use the grip buttons to point your index to interact with objects, including the button!

We should include that in the notes ^^;

Awesome! Glad you still took the time to test some stuff :) Means that next one, you have GOT to make a full entry ;)

This was a great idea! Most of the "remarks" I would have had others have touched upon, but this is a very elegant idea that I think would work well if expanded! Great job :)

Hopefully the theme inspires you! Let's create some cool games :D

Hi, sorry for the late reply!
I think you should be able to? Someone told us that Virtual Desktop on the Quest worked with our other asymmetrical VR title, Panoptic, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for Aerospace Security Training :)
Please let us know if it worked! :)

Hi ! For the Quest + Link, it should work without issues, but we have not tested it since we do not have access to the hardware. And yes, the 2 players use the same computer :) The screen will only show the view of the PC player, not the view of the VR headset. Also, please keep in mind this is a game made in a really short time (48h), so there are bound to be a few bugs in there ^^

There is apparently a service called "Parsec", which is basically like TeamViewer, but specifically designed for playing local multiplayer games remotely.
We haven't tried this for ourselves yet, but it could be an option?

We'll then keep an eye out for when such a feature does get added. :)

Is there any update on listing people as contributors (and having the game credited on their account), without making them admin of the game?

Hi there!
I'm sorry, but the game is currently local multiplayer only, so both players will have to play on the same PC (one player in VR, and the other at the monitor).
While we would obviously love to have it, we can't promise anything in terms of future online multiplayer support.

Hi there!
Those are some of the improvements we wish to implement ourselves when more time frees up from working on our current main game, Panoptic.

Woops, sorry we missed your comment! In case you did not try it yourself, it is in fact local multiplayer! Sorry again for the delay!

-Panoptic Bastien

Thank you very much! :)
And we intend to have more levels in the full game!
— Panoptic Jan

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As the sole Mac user on the team, I will try my very best to assure this will be the case, if a networked multiplayer feature ever gets implemented. ;)
— Panoptic Jan