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Team Jape

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Thanks, really hoping to get more free time to work on this game soon.

Oh, thats nothing we even thought about but it makes sense. Will definitely look into it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Hello, thought i'd try these forums and post about our game: Jumper Jape.

So the game is a 2D platforming game with puzzle elements. We really aimed for it to be a very difficult game because thats what we ourselves enjoy. It is a level based game and the levels consists of a single screen that changes to the next level when you go from one side to the other.

The story is told with the help of signs placed in the levels and it progresses as you complete levels and get further. If you dont care about stories and just want to focus on gameplay you are free to do so in this game.

The game is all free, so go for it!

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