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thank you so much.  We are working to get our steam page up later this week, so keep an eye out :)

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You awake in a hospital, no sight, no memory, only pain on your mind. However, the burning ward does not give you time to contemplate the situation. Danger drives you out into the world, cold, and deadly darkness surrounding you.
However, into the oblivion of your existence comes Ester. A small girl who serves as the eyes for the blind man and your connection to the world. Her words serve as your sight, painting the world into a horrific image filled with peril. Even this friendship is tenuous... distant memories haunt you and your doomed past chases your dreams and threatens your desperate journey in search of safety and help.

This game is over world adventure style, requiring the player to discover the world not through the character's sight, but through feeling, sound, smell, and your companion, Ester's, insight. Monsters emerge from the darkness to attack, requiring real-time combat.

Thank you for visiting. Feel free to comment any suggestions or thoughts on our project.