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projecting my single hopeles romantic fantasies on this

This game NEEDS a full steam-worthy version, too good of an idea to pass up just as a jam game

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the game is LOVELY! there are some minor spelling mistake (they's), but other than that is gut

Also OMA GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD this visual novel is cool, and well drawn, i stan the characters, its rare to see so many boiz in a vn!!

bro u make good twine gay shit ngl 10/10

Yasss gay story <3
I hope for a sequel haha

10/10 i simp for all the guys


i loved the game :D

Looks like a great game, sadly i cant play it cuz of my sexual orientation

Loved the game!

Also the mandatory comment - wowie the collector is hot, sad how im playing as a girl

Awesome educational game, 10/10

Great game, waiting for more content!

Liked the demo, very high quality.

And get better with your mental wellbeing!!

This game uhh... its like kind of a masterpiece!
How the hell is it free, the music, art and story is like top notch.

Great work, the lowest i can give is 9/10 but i know im givin this a 11/10

no im not crying youre crying

BEST GAME EvER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im totally not the developer

10/10 please add language settings i chose french and now i cant change it back

I can do pixel art.. kinda

can we please know whats the gender of the character im gonna fuck like goddamn seeing alex naked made me stay up til 1 am

Ekurbanizu community · Created a new topic Opinion

This game seems amazing! Mabye add even more mechanics over time, so you kinda get that rush like in mini metro. But overall, nice game, ill be following the development!

didnt play yet but looks kinda hot, the artwork looks excellent like omg how do you draw like that, and it looks like the game that my parents would banish me for

oh ok

So i wanna do the extra retro challenge but i have a question - can i make those colours darker for the background or nah

How? You need to know the theme to make the game.

Great one ^-^

God those cheezy jokes

Hello, i was thinking and came up whit an idea for a game - a game where you build your own subway!

Heres an quick idea sketch i made on paint:

So if i understand correctly, i NEED to use the secoundary theme, right?

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I am making a game for a game jam. An simple platformer. And i am wondering how do i implement a thing that you can climb on (the game is 2d). Like you dont have a mini ladder on a shelf! (I mean art, not how to do it)

The City (De)Builder community · Created a new topic Bugs

Report bugs here!

Yeah i think i didn't explain this enough. And to jump over the friend you need to climb the ladder (The up arrow) and go to the edge of the trailer and jump.