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Team Lightning

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The latest build fixes that glitch.

I have a huge vert that flipped and was dragging the rotating spinner along the ground, but there were no sparks. I did make an arc welder bot. XD 

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I just tested it and it STILL gyrodances around. I think it has something to do with the motor. Maybe disabling the motor after what is attached to it breaks off will fix it. 

EDIT: But the spinner physics are AWESOME!!!!! Spinner mass reduction of 25% is super realistic.

EDIT 2: Shouldn't spinners spark when they nick the floor?

Over on GTM I posted a video of a glitch I noticed with the 03January build. Can you look at it?

Hi! I noticed that when you hit wheels with high KE weapons, the wheels don't break off, the motors do. Is this supposed to happen?