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Yes, we have one.

I am wondering, how did get into the church during the night, to begin with. This was supposed to be closed.
But thank you for letting us know

Sorry, we don't have scenes for them yet, except for one scene for Eros (the bartender) during the card game. The witch will also be accessible at a later time.

You mean Katelyn and her mom. They are not accessible after the Intro yet.
Yeah, the card game is a one-time event for now. We will make it repeatable later once we have more outcomes for it.
If you mean in the forest, yes, that is the current end for her.

Well, it's not a remake. More like an inspired version of the previous game.

Did you notice the toggle button to change the art styles? As of yet we don't have animations for those designed monsters but you can see how they are going to look for now.