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Thanks for the interest in our game ! We're working on the english translation, we'll keep you informed when it's available

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Merci du gentil commentaire :D

Haha à la base on partait sur des âmes errantes, et ça a shifté en cours de développement...! Mais merci d'avoir fait remonter le truc ;)

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Thanks for the comment, please keep in mind that it's a Ludum Dare (gamejam) entry, made in a weekend :)
Story and exploration are nice, but adding these when making a game in a single weekend while polishing it and make it look great is pretty hard ! Most Ludum Dare games are arcady and doesn't involve a lot of replayability.

Hello ! Did you try on windows ? Or was it mac / linux ? 

Hey ! Thanks for the video, it's super cool seeing people play "this" ! 
I'm sorry that you had to play throught the pre-keyboard fix version, in which the controls are for AZERTY keyboards. Since then I've uptaded the game to use both QWERTY and AZERTY controls ;)

IMPORTANT NOTICE : it's a local multiplayer game where both players plays on the same keyboard. Playing alone removes quite a lot of the fun !

Player 1 : q and d to move (a and d for qwerty users) and spacebar to jump

Player 2 : left and right arrows to move and upper arrow to jump


Thanks, be sure we'll be releasing new games soon ;)