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My apologies, I wrote this a few weeks ago, and apparently forgot to publish it (:

No. Fonts is not something I am looking to do right now, nor have plans to do in the future. But if you search for ‘GB Studio Fonts’, there’s some suitable ones available. There’s even a font generator someone has made, but I haven’t tried it myself, yet.

I hope you find what you are looking for :)

I don’t know for sure; I don’t have RPG Maker MZ, so I wouldn’t like to assume it does 100%

If you know where I can find default tileset templates for RPG Maker MZ, I’d be happy to take a look and check if they will.

Oh! I have a version of this specifically made for GBStudio! And it’s cheaper, and has more tiles!

The screenshots on the store page for the other tileset are taken from a game I made in GBStudio, so you can take a look for yourself :)

I wasn’t initially, but now you mention it, I have some sprites I had made, and I’d be happy to put them in a pack, if there’s demand for them :)

No, I won’t be making a specific GBC colour version, as the GBC doesn’t exactly have a set colour palette to choose from. The way colour palettes worked on the GBC, was you could have a set of 4 colours on a sprite (from a 15-bit palette) but only those 4 colours, and you input the RBG values in the code. Basically, it’s too huge a task for the very limited free time I get to make these.

But! you can actually replicate a GBC palette with this tile set. What I would recommend doing, is choosing your desired colour palettes, and then applying them to this (or other Game Boy style tile sheets) manually. If you use a program like ProMotion NG, there’s a lot of tools in the colour palette to help with this. It is absolutely 100% ok to make heavy changes and edits to this tileset, the only caveat is that the tileset is not modified and then sold on as assets (but it’s totally fine to use those modified assets in your own commercial game).

Alternatively, I do sell this same tileset (resized) for GB Studio; GB Studio is a game engine with an option to recolour your GB style tiles to look like a GBC game.