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This was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the concept and the music. If you end up taking this further I'd think about adding some form of pause or step mechanic, some of the timing and number of things to keep track of felt a bit overwhelming further in. I see a lot of potential with this! You guys should be proud of what you put together here :)

Fantastic all around! Simple and well executed, I'd love to see this get expanded on in the future

I love this! Definitely my favourite entry so far. The moment I realized I was the door really threw me back. Y'all should be proud of this

Excellent! It's a great simple concept with a short and engaging loop. Those leaderboards got me going for a bit there. I'd love to see this expanded with more levels and refined 

This was so fun and cute!!
All the little interactions and different hands made me giggle

This was fantastic!! The visual aesthetic is on point, the whole vibe really felt like a late era N64 game. There's some well placed tells about the tone change without being too obvious that I really enjoyed. I do wish I got to spend more time making food for cute animals tbh. I think that there was some smart design decisions around the section in the woods with the placement of the holes and shadows on the ground branches. I really love what was done here overall!! 

Love all the art here! Makes for a super depressing and hazy vibe.

Got so high I walked off a cliff, and became a cult leader. Transcendental experience.